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Thu Mar 09 2017

Summer Schools: Heritage Languages : Theories, Domains and Methodologies/France

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Date: 08-Mar-2017
From: Anamaria Falaus <>
Subject: Heritage Languages : Theories, Domains and Methodologies/France
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Host Institution:

Dates: 03-Jul-2017 - 07-Jul-2017
Location: Roscoff, Finistère, France

Focus: The Laboratoire de Linguistique de Nantes (UMR 6310, CNRS & University of Nantes) is pleased to invite you at a summer school on heritage languages, which will be held at the Marine Station in Roscoff, Finistère (France), from the 3rd to the 7th of July. A Heritage Language (HL) is a language learned from birth in the home environment, in a context where the ambient language spoken outside the home - the dominant language - is different. The notion covers both immigrant and regional languages (although their social and political status is different). Despite a growing interest for the topic, manifested mostly in work on the extinction of regional languages and the debates concerning immigrant languages, the linguistic study and grammatical analysis of HL has received little attention. This summer school seeks to contribute to some of the core open issues raised by HL for linguistic theories, such as: - What are the most suitable methodologies for the study of HL? - If the goal of linguistics is to characterize the knowledge/competence that a speaker has in a given language, what is the best way to deal with heritage speakers, who may understand very well their heritage language, but may rarely (and sometimes poorly) speak it. - How are HL acquired, given that their acquisition differs from both L1 and L2 acquisition? - How is the grammatical competence/knowledge of a heritage speaker? What are the main (morpho-phonological, syntactic, semantic or pragmatic) criteria that determine the ‘quality’ of the resulting competence?
Minimum Education Level: Undergraduate

The summer school is organized over 5 days, combining courses and workshops that offer complementary views on heritage languages.

- Courses:

-- Abbas Benmamoun (University of Illinois) - "General and theoretical issues in the study of heritage languages"
-- Henry Davis and Lisa Matthewson (University of British Columbia) - "Explorations in the syntax and semantics of Pacific Northwest languages"
-- Silvina Montrul (University of Illinois) - "The acquisition of heritage languages"
-- Maria Polinsky (University of Maryland) - "Heritage languages from a theoretical and experimental perspective"

- Workshops:

-- Outi Bat-El (Tel Aviv) - "Universal principles in phonology"
-- Anne Dagnac (CLLE-ERSS UMR 5263) & Mélanie Jouitteau (IKER UMR 5478) - "Syntactic transmission in ultraminorized contexts: Case study in Breton and Picard"
-- Ricardo Etxepare (IKER UMR 5478) - "(Weak) emergent properties in language contact"
-- Bèrtran Ôbrée (Chubri) - "Local minority languages: the case of gallo"

Abstracts and details on the programme can be found on the summer school website.

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
                      Language Acquisition
                      Linguistic Theories

Registration: 15-Mar-2017 to 31-May-2017
Contact Person: Anamaria Falaus

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