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Mon Mar 13 2017

Confs: Philosophy of Lang, Pragmatics, Semantics/USA

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Date: 10-Mar-2017
From: Alexander Williams <>
Subject: Semantics and Linguistic Theory 27
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Semantics and Linguistic Theory 27
Short Title: SALT 27

Date: 12-May-2017 - 14-May-2017
Location: College Park, MD, USA
Contact: Alexander Williams
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Linguistic Field(s): Philosophy of Language; Pragmatics; Semantics

Meeting Description:

Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) is the premiere North American conference on semantics as a part of linguistic theory. The 27th SALT will take place on May 12–14, 2017, at The University of Maryland, College Park. Our invited speakers are Pranav Anand, Chris Barker, Sarah Murray and Maribel Romero.

In addition on May 11 there will be a pre-SALT workshop, “Meaning and Distribution”, with invited speakers Angelika Kratzer, Beth Levin and Jeffrey Lidz, on the topic of observed correlations between syntactic and semantic classes. We invite critical discussion of traditional questions: how do such correlations help us understand language acquisition, variation or invariance across languages, or relations between linguistic and nonlinguistic cognition?


Thursday, May 11: Workshop on Meaning and Distribution

Opening remarks

Angelika Kratzer
Invited Talk

Floris Roelofsen, Nadine Theiler & Maria Aloni
A semantic account of the selectional restrictions of anti-rogative verbs

Ryan Bochnak
Sequence of optional tense

Beth Levin
Invited Talk

Jeffrey Lidz
Invited Talk


Friday, May 12: SALT Main Session, Day 1

Moshe Bar-Lev & Danny Fox
Universal free choice and innocent inclusion

Andreea Nicolae
Shielding positive polarity indefinites

Chris Bruno
Contrastive negation and the theory of alternatives

Kajsa Djärv & Hezekiah Akiva Bacovcin
Prosodic effects on factive presupposition projection

Matthew Mandelkern, Jérémy Zehr, Jacopo Romoli & Florian Schwarz
Asymmetry in presupposition projection: The case of conjunction

Linmin Zhang & Jia Ling
Ambiguous than-clauses and the mention-some reading

Poster lightning talks (see below for names and titles)

Poster session

Pranav Anand
Invited Talk: Facts, alternatives, and alternative facts

Saturday, May 13: SALT Main Session, Day 2

Maribel Romero
Invited Talk

Bernard Schwarz
Strength as entropy in questions: Evidence from uniqueness presuppositions

Athulya Aravind & Martin Hackl
Against a unified account of obligatory trigger effects: Evidence from acquisition

Deniz Özyıldız
Knowledge reports without true belief

Stefan Hinterwimmer
Two kinds of perspective taking in narrative texts

Scott Anderbois, An illocutionary account of reportative evidentials in imperatives

Poster lightning talks (see below for names and titles)

Poster session

Sarah Murray
Invited Talk

Sunday, May 14: SALT Main Session, Day 3

Yasutada Sudo & Jacopo Romoli
Lifetime effects as presuppositional scalar strengthening

Katrin Schulz
Approaching double fake tensed conditionals

Lisa Bylinina & Rick Nouwen
The semantics of 'zero'

Chris Barker
Invited Talk: Negative polarity as scope marking

Presentation of first annual SALT Distinguished Presentation Award

Friday Posters & Lightning Talks:

Stavroula Alexandropoulou, Jakub Dotlačil & Rick Nouwen, Pragmatic effects of more than and at least in incremental interpretation
Maria Biezma and Kyle Rawlins, Rhetorical Questions: Severing questioning from asking
Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten and Keir Moulton, Navajo in the typology of internally-headed relatives
Sam Carter and Daniel Altshuler, Now as a dyadic connective
Isabelle Charnavel, Non-at-issueness of since-clauses
Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin, Partitive most in English and Romanian
Adam Gobeski and Marcin Morzycki, Percentages, relational degrees, and degree constructions
Henrison Hsieh and Luis Alonso-Ovalle, Anchored implicatives: Tagalog ability/involuntary action
I-Ta Chris Hsieh, The scope of reciprocal degree operators and degree pluralities
Yasutada Sudo, It's not always redundant to assert what is presupposed
Lyn Tieu, Robert Pasternak, Philippe Schlenker and Emmanuel Chemla, Co-speech gestures: Experimental evidence for projection and local accommodation
Jos Tellings, Still as an additive particle in subjunctive conditionals

Saturday Posters & Lightning Talks

Friederike Buch, Edgar Onea and Viola Schmitt, Complement anaphora and the plurality of worlds
Lucas Champollion, Justin Bledin and Haoze Li, Rigidity and distributivity in Plural Predicate Logic
Rachel Dudley, Meredith Rowe, Valentine Hacquard and Jeffrey Lidz, Discovering the factivity of know from its distribution
Patrick Elliott, Andreea Nicolae and Uli Sauerland, Who and what do 'who' and 'what' range over cross-linguistically?
Hana Filip and Peter Sutton, Singular count NPs in measure constructions
Arno Goebel, Laws for biscuits: Law-like independence and biscuit conditionals
Midori Hayashi and David Yoshikazu Oshima, Graded (metric) tenses in embedded clauses: The case of South Baffin Inuktitut
Elsi Kaiser and Jamie Herron Lee, Experience matters: A psycholinguistic investigation of predicates of personal taste
Todor Koev, Adverbs of change, aspect, and anaphoricity
Daniel Lassiter, Probabilistic language in indicative and counterfactual conditionals
Adrian Stegovec, !? or ‘Where’s the ban on imperative questions?’
Sarah Zobel, The notion of roles and the role use of English nominal 'as'-phrases

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