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Thu Mar 23 2017

TOC: Language in Society 46 / 1 (2017)

Editor for this issue: Amanda Foster <>

Date: 09-Mar-2017
From: Jack Groutage <>
Subject: Language in Society Vol. 46, No. 1 (2017)
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Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Journal Title: Language in Society
Volume Number: 46
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2017

Main Text:

Metapragmatics of mobility
Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

Catrin Norrby & Camilla Wide (eds.), Address practice as social action: European perspectives. UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. Pp. xii, 151. Hb. $67.50.
Eva Havu, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

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Sandra Jansen, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

Nikolas Coupland (ed.), Sociolinguistics: Theoretical debates. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016. Pp. ix, 458. Pb. £21.99, $39.99.
Miriam Meyerhoff, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

John Wilson , Talking with the president. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015. Pp. xii, 274. Pb. £23.49.
Josh Cannon, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

Anne H. Fabricius & Bent Preisler , Transcultural interaction and linguistic diversity in higher education: The student experience. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. Pp. xv, 331. Hb. £63.
Xiaofang Duan, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

Maria Sabaté i Dalmau , Migrant communication enterprises: Regimentation and resistance. Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters, 2014. Pp. xix, 206. Pb. $39.95.
Chris Featherman, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

Linda Tsung , Language power and hierarchy: Multilingual education in China. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2014. Pp. 264. Pb. $150.00.
Huhua Ouyang, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

Fiona English & Tim Marr , Why do linguistics?: Reflective linguistics and the study of language. London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2015. Pp. viii, 292. Pb. $37.95.
Jixian Pang, Jun Chen, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

Annette Gerstenberg & Anja Voeste (eds.), Language development: The lifespan perspective. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: John Benjamins Publishing Co., 2015. Pp. ii, 233. Hb. $143.00
Shakina Rajendram, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

Michele Back , Transcultural Performance: Negotiating globalized indigenous identities. UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. Pp. xv, 331. Hb. £63.
Dalal Sarnou, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

Karen Stollznow , Language myths, mysteries, and magic. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. Pp. 269. Hb. $56.72.
Hongyan Zhang, Zhomngming Sun, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

Publications Received
Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

Editor's Note
Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

Transnationalism as interdiscursivity: Korean managers of multinational corporations talking about mobility
Joseph Park, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

Dilemmas of race, register, and inequality in South Africa
James Collins, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

The discursive pathway of two centuries of raciolinguistic stereotyping: ‘Africans as incapable of speaking French’
Cécile Vigouroux, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

How to drop a name: Hybridity, purity, and the K-pop fan
Elaine Chun, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

Forming capital: Emblematizing discourses of mobility in South Korea
Adrienne Lo, Lee Choi, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

Commentary: Mobility, contexts, and the chronotope
Jan Blommaert, Adrienne Lo, Joseph Park

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