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Tue Mar 28 2017

TOC: Language Variation and Change 28 / 3 (2017)

Editor for this issue: Amanda Foster <>

Date: 09-Mar-2017
From: Jack Groutage <>
Subject: Language Variation and Change Vol. 28, No. 3 (2017)
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Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Journal Title: Language Variation and Change
Volume Number: 28
Issue Number: 3
Issue Date: 2016

Main Text:

Competing systems in Philadelphia phonology
William Labov, Sabriya Fisher, Duna Gylfadottír, Anita Henderson, Betsy Sneller

A match made in heaven: Using parallel corpora and multinomial logistic regression to analyze the expression of possession in Old Spanish
Malte Rosemeyer, Andrés Enrique-Arias

Persistence in phonological and morphological variation
Meredith Tamminga

On the social perception of intervocalic /s/ voicing in Costa Rican Spanish
Whitney Chappell

Overlap among back vowels before /l/ in Kansas City
Christopher Strelluf

LVC volume 28 issue 3 Cover and Back matter

LVC volume 28 issue 3 Cover and Front matter

Linguistic Field(s): Morphology
                            Text/Corpus Linguistics

Subject Language(s): English (eng)
                            Spanish (spa)

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