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TOC: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting on Phonology 4 (2016)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 31-May-2017
From: Alyson Reed <>
Subject: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting on Phonology Vol. 4 (2016)
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Publisher: Linguistic Society of America

Journal Title: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting on Phonology
Volume Number: 4
Issue Number: 0
Issue Date: 2016

Subtitle: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting on Phonology

Main Text:

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Proceedings of the 2016 Annual Meeting on Phonology
Table of Contents

Editors' note
Karen Jesney, Charlie O'Hara, Caitlin Smith, Rachel Walker


Layered feet laid bare in Copperbelt Bemba tone
Jeroen Breteler, René Kager

Major Place Harmony in ABC and the (Reduced) Role of Representation: Evidence from Ngbaka
Nick Danis

Footing is Not Always about Stress: Formalizing Variable High Vowel Deletion in Québec French
Guilherme D. Garcia, Heather Goad, Natália Brambatti Guzzo

Varieties of Noisy Harmonic Grammar
Bruce Hayes

Looking into Segments
Sharon Inkelas, Stephanie S Shih

Sonority Sequencing in Polish: the Combined Roles of Prior Bias & Experience
Gaja Jarosz, Amanda Rysling

Speech production planning affects phonological variability: a case study in French liaison
Oriana Kilbourn-Ceron

Learning Parametric Stress without Domain-Specific Mechanisms
Aleksei Nazarov, Gaja Jarosz

Binarity and Focus in Prosodic Phrasing: New Evidence from Taiwan Mandarin
Shu-hao Shih

Segmental Blocking in Dissimilation: An Argument for Co-Occurrence Constraints
Juliet Stanton

Supplemental Proceedings

Tongue Retraction in Arabic: An Ultrasound Study
Hamed Altairi, Jason Brown, Catherine Watson, Bryan Gick

Driving Derived Environment Effects with Alignment Constraints
Reed Blaylock

Alternatives to Stricture-Driven Assimilation
Jason Brown

Perceptually Based Constraints and Metathesis: Evidence from Artificial Grammar
Sara Finley

An OT Analysis of Efik Contrastive Verbal Reduplication
Eleanor Glewwe

Aspiration 'dissimilation' in Tangkhul Naga prefixation
Deepthi Gopal

Long-distance Liquid Coarticulation in American English
Nancy Hall, Nancy Vasquez, Muhammad Damanhuri, Francisco Aguirre, Connor Tree

Phonological Trends in Seoul Korean Compound Tensification
Seoyoung Kim

Repair Strategies for failed feature specification in Japanese: Evidence from loanwords, a reversing word game, and blending
Daiho Kitaoka

Mayak and the Typology of Labial Harmony
Adam McCollum

Vowel Length in Nuer
Irina Vitta Monich

A formal analysis of Correspondence Theory
Amanda Payne, Mai Ha Vu, Jeffrey Heinz

Gradient Harmonicity in Compounds
Péter Rebrus, Miklós Törkenczy

Rhythmic Repair of Morphological Accent Assigned Outside of a Metrical Window
Nicholas Rolle

Allomorph Selection in Vedic Sanskrit Perfects of the Forms CieːCiCj
Ryan Sandell

Harmony Triggering as a Contrastive Property of Segments
Caitlin Smith

The effect of schwa duration on pre-schwa mid-vowel lowering in French
Benjamin Storme

A Dispersion-Theoretic Account of Taiwanese CV phonotactics
Sheng-Fu Wang

No More Conflicting Directionality:Metrical Conditions on Tianjin Chinese Trisyllabic Tone Sandhi
Xiaomei Wang, Yen-Hwei Lin

Against Root Faithfulness in Cupeño Stress
Anthony D Yates

Actually, Serial Template Satisfaction Does Predict Medial Coda Skipping in Reduplication
Sam Zukoff

ISSN: 2377-3324

Linguistic Field(s): Morphology

Subject Language(s): Bemba (bmy)
                            Bemba (bem)
                            Chinese, Hakka (hak)
                            Chinese, Min Nan (nan)
                            Cupeño (cup)
                            Efik (efi)
                            English (eng)
                            Ese Ejja (ese)
                            Finnish (fin)
                            French (fra)
                            Hungarian (hun)
                            Japanese (jpn)
                            Korean (kor)
                            Luo (luo)
                            Manchu (mnc)
                            Naga, Tangkhul (nmf)
                            Ngbaka (nga)
                            Nuer (nus)
                            Polish (pol)
                            Sanskrit (san)

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