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Mon Jul 24 2017

TOC: Linguistics 55 / 4 (2017)

Editor for this issue: Paige Goulding <>

Date: 21-Jul-2017
From: Pablo Dominguez Andersen <>
Subject: Linguistics Vol. 55, No. 4 (2017)
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Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton

Journal Title: Linguistics
Volume Number: 55
Issue Number: 4
Issue Date: 2017

Main Text:

Page i

Testing the weak NP analysis of gapless bei sentences in Mandarin Chinese: Implications for the affectedness typology of passives
Ting, Jen / Li, Larry Hong-lin
Page 683

Suppletion in Zapotec
Operstein, Natalie
Page 739

Acquisition of sociolinguistic awareness by German learners of English: A study in perceptions of quotative be like
Davydova, Julia / Tytus, Agnieszka Ewa / Schleef, Erik
Page 783

Cooptation as a discourse strategy
Heine, Bernd / Kaltenböck, Gunther / Kuteva, Tania / Long, Haiping
Page 813

Unusual manner constructions in Shua (Khoe-Kwadi, Botswana)
McGregor, William B.
Page 857

Do degree adverbs guide adjective learning crosslinguistically? A comparison of Dutch and Russian
Tribushinina, Elena
Page 899

“Subject-predicate predicate sentences” in modern Mandarin Chinese: A Cardiff Grammar approach
He, Wei
Page 935

Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis
                            General Linguistics
                            Language Acquisition

Subject Language(s): Chinese, Mandarin (cmn)
                            Dutch (nld)
                            English (eng)
                            German (deu)
                            Japanese (jpn)
                            Korean (kor)
                            Russian (rus)
                            Shua (shg)

Language Family(ies): Zapotec

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