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TOC: Annual Review of Applied Linguistics 37 (2017)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 23-Sep-2017
From: Jack Groutage <>
Subject: Annual Review of Applied Linguistics Vol. 37 (2017)
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Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Journal Title: Annual Review of Applied Linguistics
Volume Number: 37
Issue Number:
Issue Date: 2017

Main Text:

Exploring the Uniqueness of Child Second Language Acquisition (SLA): Learning, Teaching, Assessment, and Practice
Jenefer Philp, Margaret Borowczyk, Alison Mackey

The Use of Models as Written Corrective Feedback in English as a Foreign Language (EFL)Writing
María Mayo, Udane Labandibar

Specific Referential Contexts Shape Efficiency in Second Language Processing: Three Eye-Tracking Experiments With 6- and 10-Year-Old Children in Spanish Immersion Schools
Casey Lew-Williams

A Critical Review of Bilingual Education in the United States: From Basements and Pride to Boutiques and Profit
Nelson Flores, Ofelia García

Children's Second Language Acquisition of English Complex Syntax: The Role of Age, Input, and Cognitive Factors
Johanne Paradis, Brian Rusk, Tamara Duncan, Krithika Govindarajan

Tracing Trajectories of Young Learners: Ten Years of School English Learning
Carmen Muñoz

Challenging Linguistic Purism in Dual Language Bilingual Education: A Case Study of Hebrew in a New York City Public Middle School
Kate Menken, Sharon Avni

Validating the Power of Bilingual Schooling: Thirty-Two Years of Large-Scale, Longitudinal Research
Virginia Collier, Wayne Thomas

Three Theories of the Effects of Language Education Programs: An Empirical Evaluation of Bilingual and English-Only Policies
Jeff MacSwan, Marilyn Thompson, Kellie Rolstad, Kara McAlister, Gerda Lobo

Progressions of a New Language: Characterizing Explanation Development for Assessment With Young Language Learners
Alison Bailey

Assessing and Exploring the Oral Proficiency of Young Mandarin Immersion Learners
Tara Fortune, Zhongkui Ju

The Effects of Specific Learning Difficulties on Processes of Multilingual Language Development
Judit Kormos

What Makes a Child a Good Language Learner? Interactional Competence, Identity, and Immersion in a Swedish Classroom
Asta Cekaite

Review of Child Second Language Acquisition (SLA): Examining Theories and Research
Rhonda Oliver, Agurtzane Azkarai

Pragmatic Development During Study Abroad: An Analysis of Spanish Teenagers’ Request Strategies in English Emails
Eva Alcón-Soler

Early Bilingualism Through the Looking Glass: Latino Preschool Children's Language and Self-Regulation Skills
Gigliana Melzi, Adina Schick, Kelly Escobar

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