LINGUIST List 29.2832

Mon Jul 09 2018

Calls: General Linguistics / International Journal of Arabic Linguistics (Jrnl)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 08-Jul-2018
From: Omar Ben Jilali <>
Subject: General Linguistics / International Journal of Arabic Linguistics (Jrnl)
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Full Title: International Journal of Arabic Linguistics

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Arabic, Standard

Language Family(ies): Semitic

Call Deadline: 31-Oct-2018

Call for Papers:

The International Journal of Arabic Linguistics (IJAL) welcomes serious and scholarly works on the Arabic language. For its first issues, the editors encourage in particular papers that provide the state of the art in various aspects of Arabic linguistics: sociolinguistics, dialectology, historical linguistics, language contact, and other areas. The papers should also raise issues for further research so that new generations of our readers and researchers can follow and, hopefully, contribute to the ongoing debate concerning the various phenomena that previous generations have been dealing with and their approaches to them. Among the issues that contributors can tackle, the following are suggested, but they are by no means the only ones:
- The mixing of standard and colloquial elements in discourse (i.e. the so-called 'Mixed Arabic'), its grammar and its social functions;
- The Pidginization Hypothesis and the emergence of modern Arabic dialects;
- Dialect contact and its linguistic and social consequences;
- Contact between Arabic and other languages;
- The history and development of Classical Arabic, its place among other Semitic languages;
- The standardization of the 'Arabiyya, the socio-political and the religious factors that stood behind it.

In addition to research papers, the journal also publishes book reviews. These are intended primarily for readers of Arabic who cannot read works published in other languages. We have noticed that many influential studies by non-Arab scholars are not very well-known among native students of Arabic linguistics. Therefore, review articles are required to be written in the Arabic language.

Researchers should consult the authors' guide (downloadable from this link: ) for the requirements on the format of the article and other policies. Papers may preferably be submitted online in order to ensure better communication between the editor, the reviewers and the author and in order for the latter to keep track of her or his submission. Otherwise, contributions can also be directly sent to the assistant via this Email:
Contributions sent before the end of October 2018 will be considered for the second issue of the fourth volume. If, however, any contributions are sent after this deadline, they will be considered for the following issue due in the beginning of 2019.

For any further inquiries, please consult our website (found below), or email the assistant or the editor via the following email:
Editor's Email:
IJAL Website:

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