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Books: The numeral system of Proto-Niger-Congo: Pozdniakov

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Date: 31-Aug-2018
From: Sebastian Nordhoff <>
Subject: The numeral system of Proto-Niger-Congo: Pozdniakov
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Title: The numeral system of Proto-Niger-Congo
Subtitle: A step-by-step reconstruction
Series Title: Niger-Congo Comparative Studies
Published: 2018
Publisher: Language Science Press

Book URL:

Author: Konstantin Pozdniakov
Electronic: ISBN: 9783961100989 Pages: 438 Price: Europe EURO 0 Comment: Open Access

This book proposes the reconstruction of the Proto-Niger-Congo numeral system. The emphasis is placed on providing an exhaustive account of the distribution of forms by families, groups, and branches. The big data bases used for this purpose open prospects for both working with the distribution of words that do exist and with the distribution of gaps in postulated cognates. The distribution of filled cells and gaps is a useful tool for reconstruction.

Following an introduction in the first chapter, the second chapter of this book is devoted to the study of various uses of noun class markers in numeral terms.

The third chapter deals with the alignment by analogy in numeral systems.

Chapter 4 offers a step-by-step reconstruction of number systems of the proto-languages underlying each of the twelve major NC families, on the basis of the step-by-step-reconstruction of numerals within each family.

Chapter 5 deals with the reconstruction of the Proto-Niger-Congo numeral system on the basis of the step-by-step-reconstructions offered in Chapter 4.

Chapter 6 traces the history of the numerals of Proto-Niger-Congo, reconstructed in Chapter 5, in each individual family of languages.

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Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
Language Family(ies): Niger-Congo

Written In: English (eng)

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