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Date: 12-Sep-2018
From: Michael Barrie <>
Subject: Nominals at the Interfaces
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Nominals at the Interfaces

Date: 02-Nov-2018 - 04-Nov-2018
Location: Seoul, Korea, South
Contact: Michael Barrie
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Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories; Morphology; Phonology; Semantics; Syntax

Meeting Description:

Since the appearance of Abney’s (1987) seminal dissertation, the study of nominals has expanded dramatically (Bošković 2005; Cheng & Sybesma 2012; Ghomeshi 2003; Li 1999; Piriyawiboon 2011; Ritter 1991; Ritter 1992; Ritter 1993; Valois 1991). The extended nominal projection has been compared with the extended verbal projection, with suggestions of strict parallelism between the two (Megerdoomian 2008; Ogawa 2001), along with a proliferation of functional projections within the nominal (nP, NumP, ClP, PossP, DP, KP, among others). The study of nominal structure impinges on our understanding of noun incorporation (Baker 1988; Massam 2001; van Geenhoven 1998), semantics (Chierchia 1998), phases (Newell 2008), and prosody (Clemens 2014). The study of how nominals fit into the clausal spine impacts our understanding case (Diercks 2012; Massam 2005) and argument structure (Chung & Ladusaw 2004; Mithun & Corbett 1999; Rosen 1989). This conference brings together leading researchers around the world in the study of the structure of nominals and their interfaces. The questions we wish to address include but are not limited to the following:

- What functional projections are found in the nominal? Is the functional hierarchy universal (Cinque 2010), language specific, or is language variation constrained in some way (Wiltschko 2014)?
- What kinds of reduced nominal expressions are found in natural language? Bare NPs, bare NumPs? Cl+N expressions without numerals? Caseless nouns? How does this relate to noun incorporation and pseudo noun incorporation?
- What is the phase structure of nominals? What is the evidence for DP phases (Svenonius 2004)? Is there an internal phase corresponding to vP (Marantz 2001; Newell 2008)?
- What are the prosodic properties of nominals and reduced nominals (Clemens 2014; Dyck 2009; Richards 2017)?

A full list of references cited here is availabe on the conference website.


The program announcement can be found here:

The registration information is also available on the conference website:

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