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TOC: Reading and Writing 31 / 6 (2018)

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Date: 18-Sep-2018
From: Helen van der Stelt <>
Subject: Reading and Writing Vol. 31, No. 6 (2018)
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Publisher: Springer

Journal Title: Reading and Writing
Volume Number: 31
Issue Number: 6
Issue Date: 2018

Subtitle: Testing the Effectiveness of Handwriting Interventions Issue Editors: Teresa Limpo, Rui Alexandre Alves, Vincent Connelly

Main Text:

Special Issue: Testing the Effectiveness of Handwriting Interventions Issue Editors: Teresa Limpo, Rui Alexandre Alves, Vincent Connelly

Title: Testing the effectiveness of handwriting interventions: introduction to the special issue
Author(s): Teresa Limpo, Rui A. Alves, Vincent Connelly
pages: 1249-1253

Title: Visual–motor symbol production facilitates letter recognition in young children
Author(s): Deborah Zemlock, Sophia Vinci-Booher, Karin H. James
pages: 1255-1271

Title: The impact of supplemental handwriting and spelling instruction with first grade students who do not acquire transcription skills as rapidly as peers: a randomized control trial
Author(s): Steve Graham, Karen R. Harris, Mary Adkins
pages: 1273-1294

Title: Impact of handwriting training on fluency, spelling and text quality among third graders
Author(s): Sibylle Hurschler Lichtsteiner, Werner Wicki, Péter Falmann
pages: 1295-1318

Title: Finger-writing intervention impacts the spelling and handwriting skills of children with developmental language disorder: a multiple single-case study
Author(s): Marie Van Reybroeck, Nathalie Michiels
pages: 1319-1341

Title: Promoting handwriting fluency in fifth graders with slow handwriting: a single-subject design study
Author(s): Teresa Limpo, Naiana Parente, Rui A. Alves
pages: 1343-1366

Title: Handwriting instruction: a commentary on five studies
Author(s): Steve Graham
pages: 1367-1377

Title: Developmental dynamics of early reading skill, literacy interest and readers’ self-concept within the first year of formal schooling
Author(s): Bente Rigmor Walgermo, Njål Foldnes, Per Henning Uppstad, Oddny Judith Solheim
pages: 1379-1399

Title: Operationalizing and validating disciplinary literacy in secondary education
Author(s): Hiller A. Spires, Shea N. Kerkhoff, Abbey C. K. Graham, Isaac Thompson,
John K. Lee
pages: 1401-1434

Title: Dynamics of mirror writing compared to conventional writing in typical preliterate children
Author(s): Marine Portex, Carolane Hélin, Corinne Ponce, Jean-Noël Foulin
pages: 1435-1448

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
                            Cognitive Science

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