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Thu Oct 04 2018

TOC: Language Resources and Evaluation 52 / 3 (2018)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 19-Sep-2018
From: Helen van der Stelt <>
Subject: Language Resources and Evaluation Vol. 52, No. 3 (2018)
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Publisher: Springer

Journal Title: Language Resources and Evaluation
Volume Number: 52
Issue Number: 3
Issue Date: 2018

Main Text:

Title: Annotation of semantic roles for the Turkish Proposition Bank
Author(s): Gözde Gül Şahin, Eşref Adalı
pages: 673-706

Title: Exploring the fine-grained analysis and automatic detection of irony on Twitter
Author(s): Cynthia Van Hee, Els Lefever, Véronique Hoste
pages: 707-731

Title: A comparison of graph-based word sense induction clustering algorithms in a pseudoword evaluation framework
Author(s): Flavio Massimiliano Cecchini, Martin Riedl, Elisabetta Fersini,
Chris Biemann
pages: 733-770

Title: Investigating the cross-lingual translatability of VerbNet-style classification
Author(s):Olga Majewska, Ivan Vulić, Diana McCarthy, Yan Huang, Akira Murakami,
Veronika Laippala, Anna Korhonen
pages: 771-799

Title: Using semantic roles to improve text classification in the requirements domain
Author(s): Alejandro Rago, Claudia Marcos, J. Andres Diaz-Pace
pages: 801-837

Title: SlangSD: building, expanding and using a sentiment dictionary of slang words for short-text sentiment classification
Author(s): Liang Wu, Fred Morstatter, Huan Liu
pages: 839-852

Title: ATR4S: toolkit with state-of-the-art automatic terms recognition methods in Scala
Author(s): Nikita Astrakhantsev
pages: 853-872

Title: The Talk of Norway: a richly annotated corpus of the Norwegian parliament, 1998–2016
Author(s): Emanuele Lapponi, Martin G. Søyland, Erik Velldal, Stephan Oepen
pages: 873-893

Title: Annotated news corpora and a lexicon for sentiment analysis in Slovene
Author(s): Jože Bučar, Martin Žnidaršič, Janez Povh
pages: 895-919

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Turkish (tur)

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