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Wed Oct 17 2018

Confs: Morphology, Syntax, Typology/Germany

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Date: 14-Oct-2018
From: Zorica Puskar <>
Subject: Multiple Agreement across Domains 2018
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Multiple Agreement across Domains 2018
Short Title: MAD 2018

Date: 08-Nov-2018 - 09-Nov-2018
Location: Berlin, Germany
Contact: Zorica Puskar
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Linguistic Field(s): Morphology; Syntax; Typology

Meeting Description:

The aim of the workshop Multiple Agreement across Domains (MAD 2018) is to provide a platform for the discussion of empirical and theoretical challenges raised by phenomena of two broad types: (i) agreement of a single target with multiple controllers, and (ii) agreement of multiple targets with a single controller.

The workshop will be hosted by the Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft in Berlin.

Invited Speakers:

András Barany (SOAS London)
Laura Kalin (Princeton University)
Jenneke van der Wal (Leiden University Centre for Linguistics)

Workshop website:


Day 1 (Thursday, November 8th)
Leibniz-ZAS, Room 308 (Trajekteraum), 3rd floor, Schützenstrasse 18, Berlin

Registration + welcome

Invited talk: Jenneke van der Wal (Leiden University Centre for Linguistics)
“The phoenix probe(and how to distinguish it from twin probes and neighbour probes)”

Louise Raynaud (Georg-August Universität Göttingen)
“Anaphoric Agreement as Multiple Agree”

10.45–11.00: Coffee break

Johannes Mursell (Göthe-Universität Frankfurt)
“Bundling phi- and delta-features: The impact information structure on Agreement”

Emily Clem (University of California, Berkeley)
“Switch-reference as multiple agreement with cyclic expansion”

12.30–14.00: Lunch break

Naga Selvanathan (National University of Singapore)
“Multiple Agreement in Tamil and Feature Inheritance”

Christine Marquardt (Universität Leipzig)
“Breaking the Bond between C and T: Evidence from Split Gender Agreement in Jarawara”

Poster speed session

16.00–16.45: Coffee + Poster session

Invited talk: Laura Kalin (Princeton University)
“Opacity in agreement”

A short walking tour of Berlin

19.00: Dinner at Amrit (Oranienburgerstrasse 45)

Day 2 (Friday, November 9th)
Leibniz-ZAS, Room 308 (Trajekteraum), 3rd floor, Schützenstrasse 18, Berlin

Jutta M. Hartmann (IDS Mannheim) & Caroline Heycock (University of Edinburgh)
“Multiple agreement in Icelandic: Revisiting the old, introducing the new”

Lanko Marušič (University of Nova Gorica)
“A note on conjoined binominal NPs”

10.30-10.45: Coffee break

Zheng Shen and Peter Smith (Göthe-Universität Frankfurt)
“Morphological and Semantic Agreement with Multiple Values”

Justin Colley (MIT)
“The role of movement in Object Preference”

12.15-14.00: Lunch break

Sigwan Thivierge (University of Maryland)
“When is agreement agreement? The view from Georgian”

Irene Amato (Universität Leipzig)
“Verbal number is syntactic agreement”

15:30-15:45: Coffee break

Clarissa Forbes (University of Arizona)
“Multiple ergative agreement in Tsimshianic: Direct versus indirect goals”

Invited talk: András Bárány (SOAS London)
“Object agreement in ditransitive constructions”

Poster presentations:

1. Nico Baier (McGill University)
“Multiple anti-agreement in Northern Italian dialects”
2. Fabian Bross (University of Stuttgart)
“The ‘Person Agreement Marker’ in German Sign Language: Not Verbal Agreement, but Differential Object Marking”
3. Marina Chumakina and Steven Kaye (Surrey Morphology Group, University of Surrey)
“Multiple agreement targets in Nakh-Daghestanian languages”
4. Monica Irimia (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
“Varieties of structural objects and licensing”
5. Alan Ke (University of Michigan)
“Minimal Search in Agree”
6. Elango Kumaran (Queen Mary University)
“Non-projection, horizons, satisfaction, and feature exchange in cyclic probing”
7. Yeonju Lee (The Graduate Center, City University of New York)
“A Smuggling approach to Korean Raising-to-Object construction”
8. Renuka Ozarkar (Department of Linguistics, University of Mumbai)
“Agreement across a subjunctive clause: A case of LDA in Marathi”
9. Ahmet Bilal Özdemir (Universität Leipzig)
“ (de)... ‘neither...nor...’ constructions in Turkish”
10. Sreekar Raghotham (Rutgers University) and Rahul Balusu (English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad)
“Hyperactive DPs in Telugu Copular Constructions”

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