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Tue Feb 13 2018

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Date: 09-Feb-2018
From: Veronika Hegedus <>
Subject: Predication in Relation to Propositions and Properties
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Predication in Relation to Propositions and Properties
Short Title: GLOW41Syn

Date: 10-Apr-2018 - 10-Apr-2018
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Contact: Maria Polinsky
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Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics; Linguistic Theories; Semantics; Syntax

Meeting Description:

The relation of predication is fundamental to natural language semantics and syntax. No meaningful utterance can do without it: fragments which only feature an argument on the surface have an underlying structure in which a predicate for it is structurally represented and interpreted semantically, though not phonologically. But despite its omnipresence, both in language and in the linguistics literature, predication continues to give rise to heated debates on many central questions in semantics and syntax. This workshop addresses the relationship between syntax and semantics in predication, to determine whether all instances of predication can be captured under a uniform syntactic or semantic mechanism, and to explore new instantiations of and restrictions on predication.

Invited Speakers:

Caroline Heycock
Idan Landau
Gillian Ramchand

Workshop organizers: Maria Polinsky and Marcel den Dikken




Gillian Ramchand (University of Tromsø)
Invited talk, title TBA

10:15-10:30: Break

Isabelle Roy (Université Paris 8) and Ur Shlonsky (University of Geneva)
Syntax of CE in French copular sentences

Pilar Barbosa (University of Minho)
''Free inversion'' as predication

12:00–13:00: Lunch break

Presentations of posters (each poster presenter will have two minutes to introduce their poster)

- Michael Mourounas (University College London): Control as predication: Insights from controlled nominal complements
- Nagarajan Selvanathan (National University of Singapore): Predication in tough constructions
- David Gil (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History): Predication, thematic roles, and Tense-Aspect-Mood
- Monica Irimia (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia) and Tova Rapoport (Ben-Gurion University): Staging secondary predication
- Irine Burukina (Eötvös Loránd University): Deriving desiderative object control verbs: hidden modal predicativesand raising
- Jutta Hartmann (IDS Mannheim): The interaction of focus and predication in specificational copular clauses and clefts
- Marcel Pitteroff (University of Stuttgart) and Florian Schäfer (Humboldt University of Berlin / University of Stuttgart): (Im-)personal passives and implicit control into propositional and property-denoting CPs
- Kristin Melum Eide and Tor Anders Åfarli (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): From properties to predicates; from projections to propositions
- Vesela Simeonova (University of Ottawa): The syntax of content

Idan Landau (Ben-Gurion University)
Invited talk, title TBA

15:30–15:45: Break

Julianne Doner (University of Toronto)
Predicate raising languages

Henry Davis (University of British Columbia)
''Nominalization'' as Predicativization in Lillooet and the Nominal Mapping Parameter

17:15–17:30: Break

Caroline Heycock (University of Edinburgh)
Invited discussion

Venue: Department of English Linguistics at Eötvös Loránd University

This workshop accompanies the 41st GLOW conference (GLOW41), along with four other workshops before and after the main colloquium.

For all details concerning the conference and the workshops, please visit the conference website or contact us:

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