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Tue Feb 13 2018

Confs: General Linguistics, Phonology/Hungary

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Date: 09-Feb-2018
From: Veronika Hegedus <>
Subject: Long-distance Segmental Phenomena
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Long-distance Segmental Phenomena
Short Title: GLOW41Phon

Date: 10-Apr-2018 - 10-Apr-2018
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Contact: Peter Rebrus
Contact Email: < click here to access email >
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Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics; Phonology

Meeting Description:

Non-adjacent dependencies between segments, the treatment of phonological processes that apply at a distance have always been a challenge and a central issue in phonological theory.

This workshop will provide a forum for discussing controversies and recent developments in the analysis of long distance segmental phenomena focussing on vowel harmony, consonant harmony, and consonant-vowel harmony.

Invited speakers: Laura Downing and Andrew Nevins

Workshop organizers: Péter Rebrus, Péter Szigetvári and Miklós Törkenczy



Laura Downing
invited talk, tba

10:00–10:30: Break

Juliet Stanton
Sundanese [ar~al] allomorphy as aggressive reduplication

Markus Alexander Pöchtrager
Transparent vowels: Small cogs in large machines

Aaron Kaplan
Intervening Positions in Long-Distance Positional Licensing Effects

12:00–13:30: Lunch break

Andrew Nevins: invited talk, tba

14:30–14:45: Break

Lightning talks of posters

- Alëna Aksënova: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Harmony Interactions
- Guillaume Enguehard: No spreading, no copy
- László Fejes: Non-local vowel harmony in Nganasan?
- Anton Kukhto: Front and center: Neutral vowels in Hill Mari
- Regine Lai: The learnability of segmental and suprasegmental harmony
- Avery Ozburn: Neutrality and re-pairing in Ogori vowel harmony: A target-oriented analysis
- Maxime Papillon: Deriving Harmony Pattern from Graph Geometries
- Michela Russo: Italo-Romance Metaphony as non-concatenative morphology. A bracketing paradox?
- Paroma Sanyal: Prosodically conditioned harmony in Bangla
- Jochen Trommer and Daniel Gleim: Two-Dimensional Vowel Polarity in Bari
[further posters awaiting confirmation]

16:15–16:30: Break

Jade Jørgen Sandstedt
A strictly representational account of neutral blocking

Filiz Mutlu
Labiality lurks, palatality glides: Asymmetries in harmony

Yoona Yee
Implicational Universals in the Typology of Consonant Harmony

Venue: Department of English Linguistics at Eötvös Loránd University (Rákóczi út 5, 1088 Budapest)

This workshop accompanies the 41st GLOW conference (GLOW41), along with four other workshops before and after the main colloquium.

For all details concerning the conference and the workshops, please visit the conference website or contact us:

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