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Tue 04 Feb 1992

Confs: Cognition and Representation, Spoken Lg. Processing

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  1. William J. Rapaport, edited conference program
  2. , Int'l Conference on Spoken Lg. Processing; 2nd call for abstracts

Message 1: edited conference program

Date: Sun, 2 Feb 92 22:51:33 ESTedited conference program
From: William J. Rapaport <rapaportcs.Buffalo.EDU>
Subject: edited conference program

 State University of New York at Buffalo


			 April 3-5, 1992

INVITED SPEAKERS: Charles Fillmore, Jerry Fodor, Whitman Richards,
 Paul Smolensky, John F. Sowa


PAUL SMOLENSKY, Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado:
	"Connectionism, Compositionality, & The Explanation of Productivity"
TIM VAN GELDER, Department of Philosophy, Indiana University:
	"Distributed Representation--An Outline"
DAVID BANACH, Department of Philosophy, St. Anselm College"
	"Representing, Similarity, and the Storage of Information"
ANN ROBYNS, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University
	"Primary and Mature Conceptual Structures--Evidence from Child Language"
CHARLES FILLMORE, Department of Linguistics,
University of California at Berkeley:
	"Representing Grammatical Knowledge as a Repertory of Constructions"
JOHN KOUNIOS and PHILLIPS HOLCOMB, Department of Psychology, Tufts University:
	"Inferring Semantic-Memory Structure from Behavioral and
 Electrophysiological Measures"
VINOD GOEL, Institute for Cognitive Science,
University of California at Berkeley"
	"Specifying and Classifying Representational Systems: A Critique and
 Proposal for Cognitive Science"
STEVEN HORST, Department of Philosophy, Wesleyan University:
	"Notions of Representation and the Diverging Interests of Philosophy
 and Empirical Science"
JERRY A. FODOR, Department of Philosophy, Rutgers University,
and the Graduate School, City University of New York:
	"Representation, Compositionality, and Analyticity"
JOHN F. SOWA, IBM Thornasfjkafjk Educational Center:
	"Matching Logical Form to Linguistic Form"
BARBARA L. SPEICHER, Communication Department, DePaul University:
	"Disentangling Conceptual and Linguistic Knowledge"
BARBARA ABBOTT, Department of Linguistics,
and LARRY HAUSER, Department of Philosophy, Michigan State University:
	"Natural Language and Thought"
MICHAEL J. TARR, Department of Psychology, Yale University:
	"Behavioral and Computational Constraints in Human Shape Representation"
K. N. LEIBOVIC, Department of Biophysical Sciences, SUNY Buffalo:
	"Brain Mechanisms for Perceptual Representation"
WHITMAN RICHARDS, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT
	"Is Perception for Real?"
Futher information may be obtained by writing to:

	The Center for Cognitive Science
	652 Baldy Hall
	State University of New York at Buffalo
	Buffalo, NY 14260


Registration for the conference is $24, which includes lunch on Saturday.
Dinner Friday night is $14.
To register or make a dinner reservation, please send a check made out to

	SUNY Research Foundation/Representation Conference

and send it to the address above.

Organizing Committee:

John T. Kearns, Department of Philosophy (
William J. Rapaport, Department of Computer Science (
Erwin M. Segal, Department of Psychology (
Leonard A. Talmy, Department of Linguistics and
 Director, Center for Cognitive Science
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Message 2: Int'l Conference on Spoken Lg. Processing; 2nd call for abstracts

Date: Mon, 3 Feb 92 12:01:20 MSTInt'l Conference on Spoken Lg. Processing; 2nd call for abstracts
From: <>
Subject: Int'l Conference on Spoken Lg. Processing; 2nd call for abstracts

1992 International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP)

12-16 October 1992, Banff Springs Hotel, Banff Nat'l Park, Alberta, Canada

This conference is intended to serve as an international,
interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of information on basic
and applied research dealing with spoken language processing,
especially the interaction between speakers and machines. The
conference will feature plenary talks, commercial exhibits, and
technical sessions with contributed papers (both oral and poster).

Prospective authors are invited to propose papers in any of the
following technical areas relevant to Spoken Language (SL):
phonetics & phonology; dialects & speech styles in SL processing;
production, perception, analysis, or synthesis of SL; speech
coding & transmission; automatic speech recognition & understanding;
analysis/synthesis of discourse; speaker identification/verification;
neural networks & stochastic modelling for SL processing; hardware/
systems for SL processing; performance/evaluation and human factors;
SL databases; hearing/speech impairments and aids; SL acquisition
and learning.

Submit four copies of a 400-word, 1-page abstract. It should
begin with the title of the paper, name(s) and address(es) of
the author(s) and the relevant technical area of the paper.
The abstract should be received by *2 March 1992* at the
following address:

ICSLP - 92
Dept of Linguistics
Univ of Alberta
Assiniboia Hall
Edmonton, Alberta

fax: (403) 492-6145
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