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  1. "Pleh Csaba, The structure of Hungarian: Contemporary Approaches

Message 1: The structure of Hungarian: Contemporary Approaches

Date: Tue, 4 Feb 92 08:06:00 ESTThe structure of Hungarian: Contemporary Approaches
From: "Pleh Csaba <>
Subject: The structure of Hungarian: Contemporary Approaches

Dear Colleague,

 The Hungarian Chair and the Hungarian Studies Program at
the Department of Uralic and Altaic Studies of Indiana University
organizes a conference on the topic of The structure of Hungarian:
Contemporary approaches. Please find an enclosed preliminary
program as an invitation to the conference. We would like linguists
around and out of campus to know about the conference so please let
your colleagues be informed.
 Two of the participants from Hungary. Professors. Katalin E. Kiss
and Ferenc Kiefer will be on campus during the entire week. She is an
excellent syntactician doing work on the configurationality issue in
Hungarian, and he is linguist with a broad spectrum, of research
recently working on mood and aspect in Hungarian. If you would like to
meet them or to organize separate colloquia for them, please contact me.
Please feel free to contact me concerning any other information or help
you may need either at my home phone (812-855-2045), by Fax
(812-855-75-00), or by email ( My office is in
Goodbody Hall, Uralic and Altaic Department.

 Looking forward to see you at the conference,
 sincerely yours:
 (Csaba Pl~Bh)
 Gy~Trgy R nki Hungarian Chair Professor

 The structure of Hungarian: Contemporary Approaches

 Bloomington, April 3 to 5, 1992

Preliminary program

April 3d, Friday afternoon: arrival to the Union, registration. Between 5. P.M.
 and 7 P.M. Allow 90
minutes to the Union from Indianapolis airport


April 4th, Morning: SYNTAX

8.30 - 9.00: Katalin ~P. Kiss Institute for Linguistics HAS, Budapest
 On Hungarian sentence structure

9.00 -9.30: Ferenc Kiefer Institute for Linguistics HAS, Budapest
 Hungarian compound structure and the thematic hierarchy

9.30-10.00: Farrell Ackermann University of California, San Diego
 Predicate formation in Hungarian and Vogul: Causatives

10.00-10.30: COFFEE BREAK

10.30-11.00: Anna Szabolcsi University of California Los Angeles
 Subordination across categories: Articles and complementizers

11.00-11.30 : Zolt n Szab" MIT Cambridge
 Presupposition and possessive construction

11.30-12.00: Donka Farkas University of California, Santa Cruz
 Mood choice in complement clauses

12.00-12.30: Katalin Radics Los Angeles
 Nominal sentences in Hungarian

12.30:13.00: Mikl"s T~Trk~Bnczy MIT Cambridge
 V and zero alternations in Hungarian

13.00 - 14.00: LUNCH AT THE UNION


14.00-14.30: Robert Hetzron University of California, Santa Barbara
 The Hungarian songstress

14.30-15.00: Robert V g" City University of NY
 Compensatory lengthening in Hungarian: Implications for moraic

15.00-15.30: Gyula D~Bcsy Indiana University, Bloomington
 Gombocz's structural view of the Hungarian objective conjugation

15.30-16.00: Carol Rounds Columbia University
 The direct object in Hungarian from a Finno-Ugric perspective

16.00-16.30: COFFEE BREAK

16.30-17.00: George Fowler Indiana University, Bloomington
 Positive and negative case assignment in Hungarian

17.00-17.30: Andr s Kornai Stanford University
 Frequency in morphology

17.30 -18.00: Brian MacWhinney Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
 Connectionist models of the learning of Hungarian morphophonology


20.00-23.00: Reception in the home of Csaba Pl~Bh,
 McNutt Building, Apt. 304 (Fee lane)



9.00-9.30 : Chris Beckwith Indiana University, Bloomington
 Classifiers in Hungarian

9.30-10.00: Jeff Harlig Indiana University, Bloomington
 Accounting for tense shift in Hungarian fiction

10.00-10.30: Martha Nyikos Indiana University, Bloomington
 An overview of a syntactic and semantic interrelationship of
 Hungarian verbs and their

10.30-11.00: Csaba Pl~Bh Indiana University, Bloomington
 On the psycholinguistics of Hungarian prefixes

11.00-11.30: COFFEE BREAK


11.30-12.00: Leslie Barratt Indiana State University, Terre Haute

 Mismatches in Hungarian and English word meanings: problems for
 language learners that
 dictionaries fail to solve

12.00-12.30: Mikl"s Kontra Attila J"zsef University, Szeged
 On an on-going syntactic merger in Hungarian

12.30-13.00: Julius Nyikos Washington and Jefferson College
 A linguistic reassessment of Hungarian orthography with a view
 toward critical reform


~L The structure of Hungarian: Contemporary Approaches

 Bloomington, April 3 to 5, 1992

 Preliminary list of participants

Ackermann, Farrell University of California San Diego
Barratt,Leslie Indiana State U, Terre Haute,IN
Bayerle, Gustav Indiana University, Bloomington
Beckwith, Chris Indiana University, Bloomington
D~Bcsy, Gyula Indiana University, Bloomington
Farkas, Donka University of California Santa Cruz
Fowler, George Indiana University, Bloomington
Hetzron, Robert University of California Santa Barbara
Harlig, Jeff Indiana University, Bloomington
Kiefer, Ferenc Institute for Linguistics, Budapest
Kiss, E. Katalin Institute for Linguistics, Budapest
Kontra, Miklos Institute for Linguistics, Budapest
Kornai, Andr s Stanford University
MacWhinney, Brian Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
Nyikos, Julius Washington and Jefferson College
Nyikos, Marta Indiana U., Bloomington
Pl~Bh, Csaba Indiana University, Bloomington
Radics, Katalin Los Angeles, CA
Rounds, Carol Columbia University
Sebeok, Thomas Indiana University, Bloomington
Sinor, Denis Indiana University, Bloomington
Szab", Zolt n MIT Cambridge, MA
Szabolcsi, Anna University of California Los Angeles
T~Trk~Bnczy, Mikl"s MIT, Cambridge, MA
V g", Robert City University of NY
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