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Sun 05 Apr 1992

Confs: Idioms, SALT II

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  1. Erik-Jan van der Linden, Idioms
  2. Chris Barker, SALT II Registration

Message 1: Idioms

Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1992 12:36:06 Idioms
From: Erik-Jan van der Linden <>
Subject: Idioms


 Tilburg, The Netherlands

 September 2-4 1992

Idioms are the subject of research in theoretical linguistics, computational
linguistics, and psycholinguistics.

The aim of the IDIOMS conference is to bring together scholars from these
disciplines with an interest in idioms, in order to further the interaction
between these disciplines and to transfer results from one discipline to

The theme of IDIOMS is the representation of idioms at the various levels of
grammar and the analysis and generation of idioms both in psychological models
of the human language faculty, and in computational and theoretical linguistic

The conference has a multi-disciplinary character, and
contributions stress relevance to the study of idioms, rather
than focus on the relevance to the study of theoretical and
computational linguistic formalisms or psychological models.

The conference comprises invited and contributed papers.

(to be announced)
 Joan Bresnan (Stanford University)
What Idioms Reveal About How People Think.
 Raymond Gibbs (University of California at Santa Cruz)
A Calculus and a Typology of Non-free Phrase
 Igor Mel'cuk (Montreal)

The Role of Word Meanings, Semantic Transparency and Familiarity in the
Mental Images of Idioms
 Cristina Cacciari, Raffaella Ida Rumiati & Sam Glucksberg
 & Princeton)
Lexical Representation of Idioms and Support-Verb Constructions in HPSG
 Gregor Erbach (Saarbruecken)
Tropic Implicature and the Role of Context in Comprehending Idiomatic
 Michael A. Forrester (Canterbury)
Specialisation and Reinterpretation in Idioms
 Dirk Geeraerts (Leuven)
`EN BLOC' Insertion
 Frank van Gestel (Utrecht)
Idioms and the Organisation of Topic in Conversation
 Elizabeth Holt and Paul Drew (Huddersfield & York)
Syntactic Idioms?
 Anita Mittwoch (Jerusalem)
Internal Modification of Idioms
 Tim Nicolas (Essex)
The Syntactic Behaviour of Idioms
 Andre Schenk (Utrecht)
The Muddy Waters of Idiom Comprehension begin to Settle
 Wendy A. Schweigert (Peoria, Illinois)
Idioms and Reference
 Benjamin Shaer (Montreal)
The Activation of Idiom Meaning
 Patrizia Tabossi and Francesco Zardon (Bologna)
Polarity Sensitive Idioms in Translation
 L.M. Tovena (Geneva)
You don't die immediately when you kick an empty bucket: On the
Semantic and Syntactic Characteristics of Idioms during Processing
 M.E.C. van de Voort and W. Vonk (Nijmegen)
Open Idioms as Constructions
 Wlodek Zadrozny and Alexis Manaster-Ramer (Yorktown Heights)
Idiomatic Blocking and the Elsewhere Condition
 Henk Zeevat (Amsterdam)

Tilburg is located in the south of The Netherlands, and can be easily
reached from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) by train
(intercity; approx. 1.5 hour),
as well as from other European cities such as Brussels, Dusseldorf,
Frankfurt and Cologne (all within 2.5 hours by train) or from Eindhoven
airport by taxi.

Tilburg University is a specialised university for social siences and
humanities and has five faculties: Economics and Business Administration,
Law, Social and Behavioural Sciences, Philosophy and Arts. The university
can be reached from the centre of town by bus or taxi (approx. 10 min.).

The conference fee of Dfl 120 (received before July 1)
includes admission to all conference sessions, one copy of
the proceedings, lunches, coffee and tea on all days, and drinks on
September 4. Arrangements for a reception on September 2 are being made.

The registration brochure should reach people who have shown their interest,
and whose mail address is known to the organisation within two or three weeks.
For others, the registration brochure is available upon request at the
address below.


IDIOMS c/o Nicole Lubeck / Peggy Bertens
Institute for Language Technology and AI
PO BOX 90153
NL-5000 LE Tilburg
The Netherlands
tel.: +31 13 663060 / 3113
fax.: +31 13 663110


Martin Everaert (Research Institute for Language and Speech, Utrecht);
Erik-Jan van der Linden (Institute for Language Technology and Artificial
Intelligence, Tilburg);
Andre Schenk (Research Institute for Language and Speech, Utrecht);
Rob Schreuder (Center for Language Studies, Nijmegen).


Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences
Center for Language Studies, Nijmegen and Tilburg
Institute for Language Technology and AI, Tilburg,
Research Institute for Language and Speech, Utrecht
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Message 2: SALT II Registration

Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 09:56:55 ESSALT II Registration
From: Chris Barker <>
Subject: SALT II Registration


 2nd Annual Conference on Semantics and Linguistic Theory
			Ohio State University
			 1-3 May, 1992


A block of rooms has been reserved for conference participants at the
Holiday Inn on the Lane, 328 W. Lane Avenue (on the North side of the
Ohio State campus, near conference sites) for nights of April 30, May
1, and May 2 (Thurs.-Sat. nights). Rates are $55 per room per night,
same rate for either single, double or quadruple occupancy. To make a
reservation, call 800 465-4329 (toll free reservation number),
mentioning "S.A.L.T. Conference", or in case of difficulty at that
number, 614 294-4848 (local hotel). To insure availability of a room,
your reservation should be made BY APRIL 9. The Holiday Inn offers
free shuttle service from and to the Columbus airport (but be sure you
are dropped off at the Holiday Inn on Lane Avenue, not other Holiday
Inns in Columbus). To call for pick-up, there is a direct-line phone
at the airport near the baggage claim.

A limited amount of crash space will be available for students on a
first come, first served basis. Send e-mail to or call 614-292-3503 for further information.


The Friday breakfast and conference sessions will be
held at the Fawcett Center for Tomorrow, 2400 Olentangy River Road.
Transportation from the Holiday Inn will be provided at 8:15 AM and
8:30. Place of the Saturday and Sunday sessions T.B.A.


Proceedings of SALT I (1991) are available from the Department of
Modern Languages and Linguistics at Cornell University. Proceedings
of SALT II will also be published. Send email to for further information.


was already sent to recipients of this message, and is being mailed in
hard copy to departments of linguistics in the USA. For another copy,
send mail to


Reduced registration fees (see form below) are offered to those who
pre-register and send payment which reaches us 2 weeks in advance of
the conference. For late registration and registration at the
conference the schedule is:

 Non-Students: $30 (without special Saturday evening meal, $20)
 Students $20 (without special Saturday evening meal, $15)

Registration fees are used to help defray costs of the continental
breakfasts and snacks served with the mid-morning and mid-afternoon
breaks and the (optional) Saturday evening dinner to which all
conference participants are invited.

Send by e-mail to or postal mail to: SALT /
Center for Cognitive Science / 208 Ohio Stadium East / 1961 Tuttle
Park Place / Columbus, OH 43210.


Name: 			________________________________________

E-mail address (opt.) ________________________________________

Postal Address:		________________________________________



I enclose (send simultaneously by postal mail):

 _ $25 for Non-Student preregistration with Saturday banquet
 _ $15 for Non-Student preregistration without Saturday banquet
 _ $20 Student preregistration with Saturday banquet
 _ $10 Student preregistration without Saturday banquet

For student rates, registration payment must include a signed
statement from a faculty member in your department confirming your
student status:

 I confirm that the above named person is a currently enrolled


Title_______________________ Univ._____________________________
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