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Wed Jan 09 2019

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Date: 08-Jan-2019
From: Leigh Clark <>
Subject: CHI 2019 Workshop on Mapping Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives for Understanding Speech Interface Interactions
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CHI 2019 Workshop on Mapping Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives for Understanding Speech Interface Interactions

Date: 05-May-2019 - 05-May-2019
Location: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Contact: Leigh Clark
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Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics; Computational Linguistics; Linguistic Theories; Psycholinguistics

Meeting Description:

This is a one-day workshop at the CHI 2019 conference aimed at researchers and practitioners involved in speech-based human-computer interaction (HCI) work. In particular, we're looking for contributions that discuss theoretical concepts and methods used in speech interface research - those that exist and how we may need to redefined them in speech-HCI contexts. This is a part-day workshop and participants are encouraged to submit 2-page provocation papers by February 12 2019.


The conference will run from 14:30-20:00 on Sunday 5 May 2019. This will be followed by a social event.

Introductions (10 MINS)
Brief introductions outlining workshop structure, setting collaborative tone and reiterating workshop goals.

Participant Talks (50 MINS)
Participants will conduct 3 minute presentations of their papers, focusing on relevant theories, methods and applications around speech interfaces.

Keynote Speakers (1 HOUR 15 MINS)
Our two keynote speakers will be Professor Holly Branigan and Professor Michael McTear.

Prof. Branigan will give a keynote presentation on dialogue theory use in human-machine dialogue. Prof. Branigan Professor of Psychology of Language and Cognition at the University of Edinburgh and a leading researcher in the field of psycholinguistics with experience of researching speech interface issues. She

Prof. McTear will give a keynote about the methods used through the speech domain to explore user behaviour in interaction. Prof. McTear is Emeritus Professor at Ulster University, Belfast and a leading researcher in the field of spoken dialogue systems, having written a leading book on the subject.

Coffee Break (30 MINS)

User Behaviours & Theory Mapping (1 HOUR)
Using recorded interactions with speech interfaces as data probes, groups will be asked to categorise and discuss causes of user behaviours identified.

Groups will then be asked to reflect on theoretical perspectives to understand user behaviour. Taking the user behaviours identified above, the same groups will take the theories identified in presentations and discuss: 1) how they can be used to explain or explore user behaviours and 2) the challenges faced; 3) the opportunities for new theory. From this we will produce a graphical theory challenge map depicting existing theory issues and opportunities for speech interface interaction.

Lunch (1 HOUR)

Methods (1 HOUR)
We will explore how to research the challenges identified in Topic 5 using their chosen methods. This will use the “Disney Brainstorming Method” - thinking styles of outsiders, dreamers, realisers and critics.

Workshop Summary & Future Planning (15 MINS)
We will discuss the need for unique theoretical frameworks, methods and potential speech interaction datasets and how these need to be validated and applied in other application areas of speech interfaces. We will also plan how to communicate our ideas to others outside of our workshops, including to other workshops accepted at CHI 2019.

Social Event

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