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Date: 27-Feb-2019
From: Michal Daszkiewicz <>
Subject: 4th International Pedagogical and Linguistic Conference ‘Educational Role of Language. From Practice to Theory, From Theory to Practice'
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4th International Pedagogical and Linguistic Conference ‘Educational Role of Language. from Practice to Theory, From Theory to Practice'
Short Title: ERL IV

Date: 17-Jun-2019 - 18-Jun-2019
Location: Craiova, Romania
Contact: Michal Daszkiewicz
Contact Email: < click here to access email >
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics

Meeting Description:

Our intention is to consider how theoretical knowledge concerning the importance of language is applied in practice and conversely –in what ways educational practice informs theory. Their mutual reinforcement –due to its global appeal –we hope to address in a widely international circle. The ERL IV conference will focus on how language relates to schooling, culture, methodology and personality. These four relationships will be discussed in terms of how they are theoretically determined and how they are manifested in practice throughout the globe. The conference is also meant to provide grounds for expanding the ERL Network and welcoming new members of the recently established International Association for the Educational Role of Language, about which you can read more at Do join us if your interests combine language and education in its widest sense. We seek interdisciplinary contributions which help us better understand how language determines our functioning in the world and how it works in theoretical and practical terms.


Exemplary Problems

1. LANGUAGE and SCHOOLING [re. curricula, interaction, academic language, assessment, CLIL, etc.]
How does language operate in schooling across the globe?
How does the language of schooling support students’ beliefs, activity, affect, and thinking?
How “visible” is language as a component of educational practice determining students’ results?
What theoretical concepts are manifested through everyday schooling in different countries?

2. LANGUAGE and CULTURE [re. identity, pluralingualism, mediation, interculturality, etc.]
To what extent does education rest on the cultural element?
What is the cultural component of learners’ beliefs, activity, affect, and thinking?
How is the intercultural competence developed through L1 and L2/FL education?
What language image of the world is to be found through educational theories and practices?

3. LANGUAGE and METHODOLOGY [re. grounded theory, dialogue, action research, narratives, etc.]
What language is employed by different teaching methods?
How do different educational means relate to learners’ beliefs, activity, affect, and thinking?
What language-oriented theories prove most practical for educational practices?
What implications for research and teaching methods follow from the “linguistic turn”?

4. LANGUAGE and PERSONALITY [re. personal constructs, awareness, special needs, self-expression, etc.]
To what extent is the use of language a personal experience?
How can the impact of language the learners’ beliefs, activity, affect, and thinking be studied?
What theoretical categories relating to personality are employed by educational practices?
How personally relevant is the language employed in educational theories and practices?

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