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TOC: Journal of Semitic Studies 64 / 1 (2019)

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Date: 04-Mar-2019
From: Alyssa Russell <>
Subject: Journal of Semitic Studies Vol. 64, No. 1 (2019)
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Publisher: Oxford University Press

Journal Title: Journal of Semitic Studies
Volume Number: 64
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2019

Main Text:

Volume 64, Issue 1 of the Journal of Semitic Studies is available now at:

The issue features:


Semitic Genitive Constructions: an Expanded View
Eran Cohen
Pages 1-50

The Greek Alphabet and the Canaanite Sibilants
Pete Myers
Pages 51-66

Biblical Hebrew forumla?: An Emphatic Negative Polarity Item
Adina Moshavi
Pages 67-90

Authenticating Oral and Memory Variants in Ancient Hebrew Literature
William A Tooman
Pages 91-114

Pausal Prosody of Yemenite Bible Recitation and Tiberian Accents
Boris Kleiner
Pages 115-183

Revisiting the Question of Gim from the Perspective of Judaeo-Arabic
Magdalen M Connolly
Pages 155-183

Love is a Malady: Remnants of a Lost Arabic Work on Medical Deontology
Oliver Kahl
Pages 185-198

A Metadiscursive Analysis of Arabic Religious Discourse
Doha Mahmoud Abdel-Moety
Pages 199-220

Vocatives in Yemeni (IBBI) Arabic: Functions, Types and Approach
Mohammed Q Shormani
Pages 221-250

Aramaic Substrate in the Arabic Dialects of Kufr-Kanna and Mišhad
Amal Zu'bi
Pages 251-277



KRZYSZTOF J. BARANOWSKI, The Verb in the Amarna Letters from Canaan
Tania Notarius
Pages 279-282

W. RANDALL GARR and STEVEN E. FASSBERG (eds), A Handbook of Biblical Hebrew: Volume 1: Periods, Corpora, and Reading Traditions; Volume 2: Selected Texts
Eric D Reymond
Pages 282-285

JONATHAN G. KLINE, Allusive Soundplay in the Hebrew Bible
James E Harding
Pages 285-287

ERNST AXEL KNAUF and PHILIPPE GUILLAUME, A History of Biblical Israel: The Fate of the Tribes and Kingdoms from Merenptah to Bar Kochba
Adrian H W Curtis
Pages 287-289

RICHARD D. NELSON, Judges: A Critical & Rhetorical Commentary
Graeme Auld
Pages 289-291

TOMMY WASSERMAN, GREGER ANDERSSON and DAVID WILLGREN (eds), Studies in Isaiah: History, Theology and Reception
Magnar Kartveit
Pages 291-293

LENA-SOFIA TIEMEYER, Zechariah and His Visions: An Exegetical Study of Zechariah's Vision Report
Max Rogland
Pages 293-295

YIGAL LEVIN, The Chronicles of the Kings of Judah. 2 Chronicles 10–36. A New Translation and Commentary
Juha Pakkala
Pages 295-297

FREDERICK MARIO FALES and GIULIA FRANCESCA GRASSI, L'aramaico antico: Storia, grammatica, testi commentati, con un'appendice paleografica di Ezio Attardo
Edward M Cook
Pages 297-300

GWYNNED DE LOOIJER, The Qumran Paradigm: Critical Evaluation of Some Foundational Hypotheses in the Construction of the Qumran Sect
Helen R Jacobus
Pages 300-303

MICHAEL E. STONE, Armenian Apocrypha Relating to Angels and Biblical Heroes
Maria Cioata
Pages 303-305

BENJAMIN WILLIAMS, Commentary on Midrash Rabba in the Sixteenth Century: The Or ha-Sekhel of Abraham ben Asher
Marc Saperstein
Pages 305-307

SINA TEZEL, Arabic Borrowings in Surayt/Turoyo within the Framework of Phonological Correspondences. In Comparison with other Semitic Languages
Lidia Napiórkowska
Pages 308-309


Short Notes

YORAM HAZONY, God and Politics in Esther
Heather A Mckay
Pages 311-312

ELSE K. HOLT, HYUN CHUL PAUL KIM and ANDREW MEIN (eds), Concerning the Nations: Essays on the Oracles against the Nations in Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel
John Barton
Pages 312-313

JOSÉ MIGUEL PUERTA VÍLCHEZ, trans. CONSUELO LÓPEZ-MORILLAS, Aesthetics in Arabic Thought: From Pre-Islamic Arabia through to al-Andalus
Oliver Leaman
Pages 314-315


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Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
                            History of Linguistics
                            Language Acquisition
                            Ling & Literature
                            Writing Systems

Subject Language(s): Arabic, Judeo-Yemeni (jye)
                            Arabic, Sanaani (ayn)
                            Arabic, Standard (arb)
                            Arabic, Ta'izzi-Adeni (acq)
                            Aramaic, Official (arc)
                            Greek, Ancient (grc)
                            Hebrew (heb)
                            Hebrew, Ancient (hbo)

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