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Date: 22-Mar-2019
Subject: Thinking Out of the Box in Language, Literature, Cultural and Translation Studies: Questioning Assumptions, Debunking Myths, Trespassing Boundaries
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Full Title: Thinking Out of the Box in Language, Literature, Cultural and Translation Studies: Questioning Assumptions, Debunking Myths, Trespassing Boundaries (XXIX AIA CONFERENCE)

Date: 05-Sep-2019 - 07-Sep-2019
Location: Padua, Italy
Meeting Email: < click here to access email >
Web Site:

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Call Deadline: 31-Mar-2019

Meeting Description:

“Thinking out of the box” is a powerful metaphor, one that challenges us to consider possibilities previously not even imagined, and to extend our vision – of the world and ourselves – to include alternative, complementary, or even contrasting perspectives. It means engaging in self-reflective, creative and/or lateral thinking, beyond what is obvious or commonplace, or even implicit in what we say and do. Most of all, it means becoming aware of the existence of “the box” (i.e. what we take for granted and how this conditions our conduct) and also being willing to question the validity of our convictions so as to expand our knowledge. It does not mean being innovative at all costs or for its own sake – in fact, it may mean going back to old practices. Rather, it requires the humility to pose “simple” questions meant to ascertain the accuracy of commonly held beliefs and taking stock of the findings.

Thinking out of the box is an act of the imagination that brings new insights into our values and cultural assumptions, and an act of courage pushing us away from our comfort zone. At this AIA conference we ask colleagues to be bold and curious enough to open the door of their scholarly “box” and to explore the research space around it on a quest for evidence of what we assume or claim we already know.

We ask them to be non-conformist, generating ideas that may challenge prevailing practices and beliefs; to dare to cross the boundaries of their sub-disciplines, interacting with scholars from neighbouring fields; and to try out something “unfashionable” that is not guaranteed to succeed, be understood or be well-received in order to pursue knowledge.

Call for Papers:

Papers & Panels:

- Proposals can be submitted only by AIA members in good standing, with an exception for the plenary speakers. Non-AIA members may be participants.
- All proposals must include abstract and bio (keywords are NOT necessary).
- Proposals can be related either to already-formed panels (typically, 3-4 papers) or to single papers that will be later inserted in panels by the Advisory Board according to topics and practical needs.
- Each paper will last 20 minutes.

Call for Panels and Papers Deadline:
March, 31 2019

Proposal Acceptance Notification:
May 1, 2019

We welcome proposals that move across the three domains of this conference – language, literature and culture – for a truly interdisciplinary approach to English studies.

Please send these proposals to all three email addresses below:

Maria Teresa Musacchio -
Marilena Parlati -
Alessandra Petrina -

For more information visit:

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