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TOC: Bilingualism: Language and Cognition 22 / 2 (2019)

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Date: 28-Feb-2019
From: Lucy Ridgway <>
Subject: Bilingualism: Language and Cognition Vol. 22, No. 2 (2019)
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Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Journal Title: Bilingualism: Language and Cognition
Volume Number: 22
Issue Number: 2
Issue Date: 2019

Main Text:

Crosslinguistic interplay between semantics and phonology in late bilinguals: neurophysiological evidence
Nikolay Novitskiy, Andriy Myachykov, Yury Shtyrov

Conflict monitoring and detection in the bilingual brain
Susan Teubner-Rhodes, Donald Bolger, Jared Novick

Electrophysiological correlates of categorical perception of lexical tones by English learners of Mandarin Chinese: an ERP study
Guannan Shen, Karen Froud

The effect of task complexity on linguistic and non-linguistic control mechanisms in bilingual aphasia
Teresa Gray, Swathi Kiran

Revisiting the Revised Hierarchical Model: Evidence for concept mediation in backward translation
Zhaohong Wu, Alan Juffs

The influence of proficiency and language combination on bilingual lexical access
Jessica Kastenbaum, Lisa Bedore, Elizabeth Peña, Li Sheng, Ilknur Mavis, Rajani Sebastian-Vaytadden, Grama Rangamani, Sofia Vallila-Rohter, Swathi Kiran

Bilingual memory, to the extreme: Lexical processing in simultaneous interpreters
Micaela Santilli, Martina Vilas, Ezequiel Mikulan, Miguel Caro, Edinson Muñoz, Lucas Sedeño, Agustín Ibáñez, Adolfo García

Language and literacy skills of home and international university students: How different are they, and does it matter?
Danijela Trenkic, Meesha Warmington

Code-switching does not predict Executive Function performance in proficient bilingual children: Bilingualism does
Carissa Kang, Barbara Lust

The predictors of foreign-accentedness in the home language of Polish–English bilingual children
Magdalena Wrembel, Marta Marecka, Jakub Szewczyk, Agnieszka Otwinowska

Describing bilinguals: A systematic review of labels and descriptions used in the literature between 2005–2015
Sarah Surrain, Gigi Luk

A prosodic bias, not an advantage, in bilinguals' interpretation of emotional prosody
Marie-France Champoux-Larsson, Alexandra Dylman

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