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Date: 02-Apr-2019
From: Andreas Trotzke <>
Subject: Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop 34
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Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop 34
Short Title: CGSW 34

Date: 14-Jun-2019 - 15-Jun-2019
Location: Konstanz, Germany
Contact: Andreas Trotzke
Contact Email: < click here to access email >
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics; General Linguistics; Syntax

Language Family(ies): Germanic

Meeting Description:

The 34th Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop (CGSW 34) will take place on June 14 and 15 in the beautiful lakeside city of Konstanz, Germany.

The workshop is a forum for dealing with all aspects of comparative Germanic syntax. Reflecting the strengths of syntactic research at the University of Konstanz, we are particularly keen to encourage submissions that focus on unconventional sources of evidence for syntactic theory: for instance, experimental/psycholinguistic evidence; evidence from corpora, including historical corpora; and evidence from non-standardized and extraterritorial Germanic varieties.

Confirmed speakers:

Terje Lohndal (NTNU Trondheim)
Jon Sprouse (University of Connecticut)
Elly van Gelderen (Arizona State University)

Main Organizers:

Andreas Trotzke & George Walkden


June14, 2019

CHAIR: George Walkden

Elly van Gelderen
A Modal Cycle and thoughts on third factors

10:30 -11:05:
Alexander Pfaff
1000 years apart: The noteworthy journey of a Norse demonstrative
11:05-11:35: Coffee break

CHAIR: Andreas Trotzke

Gisli Runar Hardarson
Processing violations in compound structures

12:10 -12:45:
Ásgrímur Angantýsson
The distribution of embedded V2 and V3 in modern Icelandic

12:45-14:00: Lunchbreak

CHAIR: George Walkden

14:00 -14:35:
Gerrit Kentner & Isabelle Franz
Complement clause structure immune to phonological influences in German but not in English

14:35 -15:10:
Gianina Iordachioaia
Event and argument structure in English zero-derived nominals

David Hall
P-D-drop and pseudo-incorporation in London English
15:45 -16:00:
Business meeting

16:00 -16:30: Coffee break

CHAIR: Theo Marinis

Einar Freyr Sigurðsson, Iris Nowenstein & Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir
Merge before Agree: Acquiring datives in Insular Scandinavian

17:05 -17:40:
Ankelien Schippers, Margreet Vogelzang & David Öwerdieck
COMP-trace effects in German: The role of processing

June14, 2019

17:40 -18:15:

Julia Bacskai-AtkariEnglish relative clauses in a cross-Germanic perspective

Conference dinner at Stromeyer –Die Bleiche

June15, 2019

CHAIR: Andreas Trotzke

09:30 -10:30:
Jon Sprouse
Experimental syntax and three case studies in movement

10:30 -11:05:
Gerard Kempen & Karin Harbusch
Verb selection as afunction of verb accessibility and clause hierarchy: Corpus evidence from finite clauses in spoken English, Dutch, and German

11:05-11:35: Coffee break

CHAIR: Josef Bayer

Ellen Brandner
On 'to' in (some) infinitival complements

12:10 -12:45:
Elisabeth Witzenhausen
Paratactic negation in the history of German

12:45 -14:30: Lunch break & Poster session

CHAIR: Tanja Kupisch

14:30 -15:05:
Theresa Biberauer & Erin Pretorius
Variation triggering remorphologisation in Kaaps

Kari Kinn
Pragmaticalised determiners in American Norwegian

15:40 -16:15:
Melanie Hobich
From head to phrase: The diachrony of was für

16:15 -16:45: Coffee break

CHAIR: Andreas Trotzke & George Walkden

16:45 -17:20:

Theresa Biberauer, Cora Pots& Erin Pretorius
Auxiliary developments: Acomparative perspective on Modern Afrikaans

17:20 -18:20:
Terje LohndalIslands in Scandinavian and beyond: Theoretical implications

Poster session (June 15, 2019; 12:45 -14:30)

Markus Bader:
Modeling syntactic variation with weighted grammars: Acase study of auxiliary inversion in German verb clusters

Anne Breitbarth:
Adversative aber in adverbial clauses in historical German

Paula Fenger & Gisli Runar Hardarson:
A n(umber) of things: Linking morphemes in Dutch and German

Lutz Gunkel & Jutta Hartmann:
Prepositional object clauses in German and Dutch

Andrew Murphy:
Rightward verb movement in German: A reappraisal

Marjolein Poortvliet
:Seems to be one path: The diachronic syntactic development of Germanic modal copular verbs

Alexandra Rehn:
Feature marking in German DPs

Vera Lee-Schoenfeld & Nicholas Twiner:
German passives and English benefactives: The need for non-canonical accusative case

Sigridur S Sigurdardottir:
Icelandic V3 orders with temporal adjuncts: A comparison with Standard Dutch and West Flemish

Peter Svenonius & Kristine Bentzen:
The prepositional nature of the North Germanic complementizer

Joanna Wall:
Have-doubling and the grammaticalization of have in West Germanic

For the full program visit:

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