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TOC: Anglia 137 / 1 (2019)

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Date: 02-Apr-2019
From: Asja Kusnezowa <>
Subject: Anglia Vol. 137, No. 1 (2019)
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Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton

Journal Title: Anglia
Volume Number: 137
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2019

Main Text:

Page I

Preliminary Note
Middeke, Martin / Rippl, Gabriele
Page 1

“Sei a mensch”: Mezz Mezzrow’s Jewish Hipster Autobiography Really The Blues and the Ironies of the Color Line
Stein, Daniel
Page 2

“A Broken Voice”: Iconic Distress in Shakespeare’s Tragedies
Amelang, David J.
Page 33

Playing With Tempests
Mahler, Andreas
Page 53

Permeable Boundaries: Daniel Defoe’s A Journal of the Plague Year (1722) and Jurij M. Lotman’s Semiosphere
Falkenhayner, Nicole
Page 70

Positioning Strategies and Representation in Fictional Autobiography: The Sense of an Ending
Farsi, Roghayeh
Page 84

Re-Walking the Paths of Pride and Prejudice: Intersectional Perspectives on Pedestrian Mobility in Jo Baker’s Longbourn
Dinter, Sandra
Page 105

Of Language and Music: A Neo-Baroque, Environmental Approach to the Human, Infrahuman and Superhuman in Richard Powers’ Orfeo
Fernandez-Santiago, Miriam
Page 126

Carole Hough (ed.). 2016. With assistance from Daria Izdebska. The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming. Oxford: Oxford University Press, xxiii + 771 pp.
Insley, John
Page 147

Elly van Gelderen. 2017. Analyzing Syntax through Texts: Old, Middle, and Early Modern English. Edinburgh Historical Linguistics. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 201 pp.
Bauer, Renate
Page 156

Joanna Kopaczyk and Hans Sauer (eds.). 2017. Binomials in the History of English: Fixed and Flexible. Studies in English Language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, xv + 378 pp.
Durkin, Philip
Page 159

Anna Wojtyś. 2017. The Non-Surviving Preterite-Present Verbs in English: The Demise of *dugan, munan, *-nugan, *þurfan, and unnan. Studies in English Medieval Language and Literature 51. Frankfurt am Main: Lang, 258 pp.
Gregersen, Sune
Page 163

Irina Dumitrescu. 2018. The Experience of Education in Anglo-Saxon Literature. Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, xiii + 235 pp.
Thornbury, Emily V.
Page 167

Christopher Schliephake (ed.). 2017. Ecocriticism, Ecology, and the Cultures of Antiquity. Lanham et al.: Lexington Books, xvii + 371 pp.
Hansen, Christiane
Page 170

Heather Keenleyside. 2016. Animals and Other People: Literary Forms and Living Beings in the Long Eighteenth Century. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press
Schmitt-Kilb, Christian
Page 174

Christoph Reinfandt (ed.). 2017. Handbook of the English Novel of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries. Handbooks of English and American Studies 5. Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter
Kohlmann, Benjamin
Page 178

Dieter Schulz. 2017. Henry David Thoreau: Wege eines amerikanischen Schriftstellers. Heidelberg: Mattes Verlag
Grewe-Volpp, Christa
Page 181

Alfred Hornung. 2016. Jack London: Abenteuer des Lebens. Darmstadt: Lambert Schneider, 320 pp.
Spindler, Robert
Page 186

Mita Banerjee (ed.). 2016. Comparative Indigenous Studies. Heidelberg: Winter
Lösch, Klaus
Page 190

Sabine Kim. 2017. Acoustic Entanglements: Sound and Aesthetic Practice. Heidelberg: Winter, 180 pp.
Schweighauser, Philipp
Page 194

Erik Redling. 2017. Translating Jazz Into Poetry: From Mimesis to Metaphor. Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter, ix + 309 pp.
Horlacher, Stefan
Page 198

Books Reviewed: Anglia 133–136 (2015–2018)
Page 202

Linguistic Field(s): Ling & Literature
                            Philosophy of Language

Subject Language(s): English (eng)

Language Family(ies): Germanic

Page Updated: 10-Apr-2019