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Books: C'est ce qu'on dit: Grangier, O'Connor Di Vito, Berg

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Date: 18-Apr-2019
From: Judith Perez <>
Subject: C'est ce qu'on dit: Grangier, O'Connor Di Vito, Berg
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Title: C'est ce qu'on dit
Subtitle: Deuxième année de français
Published: 2019
Publisher: Georgetown University Press

Book URL:

Author: Claude Grangier
Author: Nadine O'Connor Di Vito
Author: Marie Berg
Paperback: ISBN: 9781626165977 Pages: 502 Price: U.S. $ 227.95 Comment: Bundle includes Book + Website Access Card

C’est ce qu’on dit is a second-year (intermediate-level) companion textbook to the beginning-level textbook Comme on dit, and as such follows the same basic format and principles: students work with hundreds of samples of authentic, nonscripted spoken and written French and are led in a step-by-step manner from rule discovery to the acquisition of speaking, reading, writing, and listening competence. The workbook format and inductive presentation of grammar guarantee a completely student-centered approach, as student input is required in each and every exercise. Given the more advanced focus of C'est ce qu'on dit, however, exercises lead students to expand their competence not just of conversational registers but of formal written and spoken registers, as well. Programs that take advantage of the full range of speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, and cultural expansion activities in C'est ce qu'on dit will find it to be a robust standalone program; however, in the event that programs prefer to include an outside content component, suggestions are offered in the preface and throughout each unit for ways to free up classroom time. By the end of C'est ce qu'on dit, an average student can be expected to have attained the competency objectives described as Advanced-Low on the ACTFL proficiency scale and as a B1 level on the Common European Framework scale (CEFR).


C’est ce qu’on dit ’s companion website includes all homework exercises, enabling students to practice vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking. It capitalizes on technology to enrich the experience of students and teachers and improve learning outcomes. 

Following the sequence of the textbook, the website gives students their homework on a convenient and easy-to-use platform. Automatically graded and teacher-graded exercises provide students feedback on understanding the points of grammar discussed in the textbook, as well as on practicing, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening and reading comprehension. 

Instructors can connect their students into one online class and track each student’s progress, allowing instructors to tailor in-class time to cover new material and address knowledge gaps. 

Companion Website for C’est ce qu’on dit Features: 
• Over 150 interactive homework activities, including both automatically graded and teacher-graded exercises 
• Extensive vocabulary and grammar exercises 
• Listening comprehension activities centered around authentic discourse segments 
• Reading passages from a variety of sources

Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition

Subject Language(s): French (fra)

Written In: French (fra)

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