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Tue Apr 23 2019

Qs: Can linguists solve (Non-/)Human Sufferings?

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Date: 21-Apr-2019
From: Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay <>
Subject: Can linguists solve (Non-/)Human Sufferings?
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Can linguists solve the human predicament? Human and non-human Sufferings?
Can linguists identify un/meaning of life by deploying formal pragmato-semantax?

Dedicated to the author of the book, Man's Search for Meaning

When I, keeping in mind the consequences of anthropogenic global heating, was heading towards a non-manipulative dialogue-based money-signifier-less, party-less horizontally (dis)organized democratic humane kowm without any materialistic utilitarian goal,
I have faced the hegemonic domination of Army/ Military/ Paratroopers’ Linguistics, Airborne Linguistics, Cryptolinguistics/Cryptologic(al) Linguistics
(much sale-brated “endangered language enterprise” and Corpus Linguistics supply database for encoding and decoding crypto!) in the arena of institutionalized funded organized academiocracy. All of them, through their disciplinary technologies, are contributing to the death industry, i.e., simulated wars among neighbors.
I also observed that some leisure class members of the linguist tribe are engaged themselves in fragmenting language-object by deploying presupposed closed models (as if models in the ramp, suffering from anorexia nervosa or bulimia) and categoremes, i,e., anatomo-bio-political tools for penetrating docile bodies of the subjects. What a case of redundancy!

If I, ethico-politically speaking, do not wish to be a cog in such disciplinary machinery,
(a) may I be branded as a person with legal conflict for manufacturing such hoax?
(b) may ‘we’ abandon such violent enterprises?
(c) Instead, on the basis of priority, may I prepare myself to perform socially necessary labor (from which I was forced to be alienated by obeying degree-disease) in the midst of dissolution?
(d) or may we accept or conform all these processes of subjection, subjectification, and objectification?

Now, being hurt by the high decibel cacophony, a case of non-affordance (contrary to the affordance as proposed by the environmental psychologists) as there is no possibility for conversing, I am taking my recourse to non-conventional speech pathology through the indigenous theory of corporeal, i.e., epimeleia heautou!

When I, as a part of institutionalized funded organized academiocracy, was surveying baulsof Bengal, I was asked by a faqir, ''What type of linguist are you? Can't you establish dialogue? Can't you constitute polylogue? Can't you participate in conversation without your manipulative tools?''

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