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Tue Apr 23 2019

FYI: Book Proposal: Call for Papers

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Date: 16-Apr-2019
From: Patricia Gubitosi <>
Subject: Book Proposal: Call for Papers
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Authors: Patricia Gubitosi & Michelle Ramos-Pellicia (Eds.)

Title: Linguistic Landscape in the Spanish-speaking world

Description: Recent sociolinguistic studies have emphasized the importance linguistic expressions have on public space as it is the place where language, culture and identity unequivocally intertwine (Blackwood et al. 2016). Hence, public space is not neutral, but requires a number of rules and codes. Their use implies an in-depth understanding of how these norms are implemented (Bloammert 2013). Linguistic Landscape includes not only written signals in the public space (Landry & Bourhis 1997), but also the symbolic construction of the public sphere (Ben-Rafael et al. 2006; Ben-Rafael 2009; Shohami 2015), where linguistic signals must be interpreted in an interdisciplinary way.

For more than twenty years, sociolinguistics has included Linguistic Landscape research. However, the Spanish-speaking world has not been part of this academic discussion with some exceptions. The goal of this collective volume is, then, to fill the gap at the same time that it provides researchers an instrument to access a number of studies on Linguistic Landscape in the Spanish-speaking world from a theoretical, sociolinguistic and pragmatic perspective. We are interested in papers that focus on the following topics, but not exclusively:

- Linguistic Landscape contributions to the Hispanic/Latinx sociolinguistic research
- Importance of Linguistic Landscape research in bi/multilingual studies
- Language use and Linguistic Landscape use in the Spanish-speaking world
- Linguistic Landscape in educational settings (schoolscape)
- Linguistic landscape as a tool for social justice and linguistic inclusion

The proposals should contain the following information:

- Proposed chapter title
- Author name(s) and affiliation(s)
- 400-500 word chapter overview. Please state your research questions and your methodology
- 50-100 word biography for each author

Proposals should be saved as a single Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), or .PDF file, and emailed as attachments to both editors and by Monday June 15th, 2019. Authors of accepted proposals will be notified on Monday July 15, 2019 and are expected to contribute full chapters of approximately 8,000 words by Friday, November 15, 2019. Chapters must be original, and should not be submitted for publication elsewhere. All chapters will be double-blind peer reviewed and contributors may also be asked to review.

Important Dates:

- Abstract submissions: Monday June 17, 2019
- Communication of acceptance: Monday July 15, 2019
- Paper submission (8000 words): Friday November 15, 2019
- Final version submission: Friday April 10, 2020
- Projected publication date: Fall 2020


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Linguistic Field(s): Sociolinguistics

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