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Sat Apr 27 2019

FYI: Call for nominations for TACL Co-Editor-in-Chief, Summer 2019-Summer 2022

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Date: 26-Apr-2019
From: Jan Hajic <>
Subject: Call for nominations for TACL Co-Editor-in-Chief, Summer 2019-Summer 2022
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The ACL is seeking nominations (self-nominations are permitted and encouraged), for a co-Editor-in-Chief (henceforth “EiC”, with the “co-” understood) of the journal Transactions of the ACL (TACL), serving a three-year term. The successful candidate should be able to start in the summer (say, July 1) of 2019, so as to have substantial overlap with the EiC that is retiring on December 31, 2019.

TACL is a rapidly growing, premier journal in the area of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing published by MIT Press. It is distinguished by its monthly submission deadline, fast turn-around, and reviewing structure that involves a dedicated reviewing pool and a large team of action editors. Authors of TACL publications are customarily invited to present their work at a major ACL conference (see for details). The regularly-posted TACL reports to the ACL Exec, available at, may be consulted for submission and decision statistics and more details of prior activities, as can current and past TACL EiCs: Lillian Lee (2014-December 2019), Mark Johnson (2016-June 2020), Brian Roark (2018-June 2021), Michael Collins (2012-2015), Dekang Lin (2012-2014), Kristina Toutanova (2016-2018).

TACL is led by a team of 2-3 EiCs that, with the help of an Editorial Assistant (paid by the ACL for effort of roughly one day a week), collaboratively oversees the entire journal. Duties include:

- assignment of each monthly round of submissions to action editors (should be completed by the 7th of that month; this takes approximately 10 hours, but the current arrangement among the EiCs is to alternate which months they are in charge of);
- day-to-day management and oversight of the journal's operations, including supervising the reviewing process, providing advice and direction where appropriate, interacting with the ACL Anthology and our publisher, MIT Press, regarding publication and archiving, handling queries, and troubleshooting and settling issues as they arise;
- recruiting suitable reviewers and action editors for TACL's reviewer pool;
- strategic planning for the journal (and arguably, by extension, the field);
- interacting with *ACL conference Program Chairs to handle potentially duplicate submissions and arrange conference presentations for TACL authors;
- providing semiannual reports to the ACL Executive Committee (the “Exec”) and the reporting to the community at ACL business meetings.

The ideal candidate would have broad knowledge and interests across the whole field of computational linguistics and natural language processing; have interest in and facility with formulating reviewing and publication policy, given that the submission/reviewing/publication/preprint ecosystem in our community may be said to currently be in a state of flux; be able to interact fruitfully with a wide range of people, including researchers (authors, reviewers, action editors, conference program chairs), publisher staff, and software-support staff; and be effective in working closely with the other TACL EiC staff.

For details how to submit a nomination, please go to the following website:

We thank you for your collaboration!

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics

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