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Tue Jan 15 2019

FYI: Free Grammar Book Online

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Date: 14-Jan-2019
From: Bruce Despain <>
Subject: Free Grammar Book Online
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Bruce Despain, an independent scholar, published an article in the Journal of ATEG (Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar), Summer 2018, vol. 27, No. 1, entitled ''An Approach to Linguistics for High School Students.'' Mr. Despain had been posting to their list for 20 years fielding queries about some of the complexities of grammar and diagramming sentences. The article introduced teachers to a modern generative grammar. In December of 2018 he posted a book to his website called How to Write the Grammar of a Language: A Generative Approach. This work elaborates on the methods and apparatus of the formal grammar that he had developed using knowledge and experience accumulated during a long career in artificial intelligence and data analysis. The data should be familiar to many linguists who like him had studied Andreas Koutsoudas, Writing Transformational Grammars: An Introduction (1966). The present work introduces the formal analysis of 46 natural languages using Koutsoudas's 133 corpora as exercises (65 thoroughly worked out) each to be analyzed in terms of five modules, each module having its own syntax. The book may be accessed at under ''The Science of Linguistics.''

Linguistic Field(s): Cognitive Science; Computational Linguistics; Discipline of Linguistics; Linguistic Theories

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