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TOC: Journal of Language Contact 11 / 3 (2018)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 19-Nov-2018
From: Elisa Perotti <>
Subject: Journal of Language Contact Vol. 11, No. 3 (2018)
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Publisher: Brill

Journal Title: Journal of Language Contact
Volume Number: 11
Issue Number: 3
Issue Date: 2018

Subtitle: Heritage Languages in North America: Formal Linguistic Approaches

Main Text:

Guest Editors: Joshua Bousquette and Joshua R. Brown

Heritage Languages in North America: Formal Linguistic Approaches
Joshua Bousquette and Joshua R. Brown
Pages: 373–378

V2 and V3 Orders in North-American Icelandic
Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir, Höskuldur Thráinsson and Iris Edda Nowenstein
Pages: 379–412

Word Order in American Danish Declaratives with a Non-Subject Initial Constituent
Karoline Kühl and Jan Heegård Petersen
Pages: 413–440

Stability and Change in Grammatical Gender: Pronouns in Heritage Scandinavian
Janne Bondi Johannessen and Ida Larsson
Pages: 441–480

Language Mixing in American Norwegian Noun Phrases
Brita Ramsevik Riksem
Pages: 481–524

You Take the Low Road and I’ll Take the High Road: Variation in Agreement Structure in Wisconsin Heritage German
Joshua Bousquette
Pages: 525–562

Breaking Up Verb Clusters: Two-Verb Constructions in Moundridge Schweitzer German
Hyoun-A Joo
Pages: 563–589

When Bilingualism is the Common Factor: Switch Reference at the Junction of Competence and Performance in Both Second Language and Heritage Language Performance
Tiffany Judy, Michael T. Putnam and Jason Rothman
Pages: 590–616

List of Referees, Pages: 617

Contents Volume 11, Pages: 619–621

Linguistic Field(s): Discipline of Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Danish (dan)
                            English (eng)
                            German (deu)
                            Icelandic (isl)
                            Norwegian Nynorsk (nno)
                            Plautdietsch (pdt)
                            Spanish (spa)

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