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Fri Sep 20 2019

Disc: Hard to Categorize Phrases

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Date: 19-Sep-2019
From: Raymond kao <>
Subject: Hard to Categorize Phrases
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Hi all! I am currently working on a string classification project using Wikidata entries. I was wondering if there was a special linguistic term for a compound phrase. Let me give a few examples of the project in its current state.

Simple Examples:
1. "George Washington" - this string is a personal name.
2. "California" - this string is a toponym.

More Complex Examples:
1. "The Vatican" - the entity that this refers to is a place of worship, but the string itself cannot be a place of worship. Therefore, it is categorized as a toponym.
2. "NATO" - the entity NATO is an international organization, but the string "NATO" is categorized as an abbreviation.

1. "David Bowie (1947-2016)" - it contains both a personal name and a time interval, but what would we call the ENTIRE string itself?
2. 92 (88 men and 4 women)

Thank you so much in advance! If I can clarify anything further, please let me know.

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