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Thu Nov 07 2019

Books: The Mehweb language: Daniel, Dobrushina, Ganenkov (eds.)

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Date: 29-Oct-2019
From: Sebastian Nordhoff <>
Subject: The Mehweb language: Daniel, Dobrushina, Ganenkov (eds.)
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Title: The Mehweb language
Subtitle: Essays on phonology, morphology and syntax
Series Title: Languages of the Caucasus
Published: 2019
Publisher: Language Science Press

Book URL:

Editor: Michael Daniel
Editor: Nina Dobrushina
Editor: Dmitry Ganenkov
Electronic: ISBN: 9783961102082 Pages: 365 Price: Europe EURO 0 Comment: Open Access

This book is an investigation into the grammar of Mehweb (Dargwa, East Caucasian also known as Nakh-Daghestanian) based on several years of team fieldwork. Mehweb is spoken in one village community in Daghestan, Russia, with a population of some 800 people. In many ways, Mehweb is a typical East Caucasian language: it has a rich inventory of consonants; an extensive system of spatial forms in nouns and converbs and volitional forms in verbs; pervasive gender-number agreement; and ergative alignment in case marking and in gender agreement. It is also a typical language of the Dargwa branch, with symmetrical verb inflection in the imperfective and perfective paradigm and extensive use of spatial encoding for experiencers. Although Mehweb is clearly close to the northern varieties of Dargwa, it has been long isolated from the main body of Dargwa varieties by speakers of Avar and Lak. As a result of both independent internal evolution and contact with its neighbours, Mehweb developed some deviant properties, including accusatively aligned egophoric agreement, a split in the feminine class, and the typologically rare grammatical categories of verificative and apprehensive. But most importantly, Mehweb is where our friends live.

Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation

Subject Language(s): Dargwa (dar)

Written In: English (eng)

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