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TOC: Journal of Semitic Studies 64 / 2 (2019)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 28-Aug-2019
From: Alyssa Russell <>
Subject: Journal of Semitic Studies Vol. 64, No. 2 (2019)
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Publisher: Oxford University Press

Journal Title: Journal of Semitic Studies
Volume Number: 64
Issue Number: 2
Issue Date: 2019

Main Text:

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The Short-Form of the Phoenician First-Person, Independent Pronoun Reassessed
Charles W Loder
Pages 317-328

Blessings in the Phoenician and Luwian Inscriptions of Azatiwada
Schade Aaron
Pages 329-351

A Re-Examination of D-H-M in the Meṣad ḤAshavyahu Ostracon (KAI 200)
Sonja Noll
Pages 353-361

Bound Pronominal Objects in Biblical Hebrew: Clarification and Critique
Ethan Jones
Pages 363-375

Where Does ’Ayyē Come From? Proclisis and Affix Pleonasm in the Biblical Hebrew Interrogatives ’Ē and ’Ayyē
Benjamin Kantor
Pages 377-399

Two Instances of Language Contact in Isaiah 45:14
Samuel Boyd
Pages 401-418

A New Perspective on the Syriac Hwayt Qāṭēl in a Non-Past Context
Lidia Napiórkowska
Pages 419-431

La Formation Des Conjugaisons Passives En Syriaque
Emmanuel Aïm
Pages 433-444

Conceptualization of the Morpheme and the Distinction Between Verbs and Nouns in Traditional Hebrew Grammars
Yehonatan Wormser
Pages 445-456

The Function of ’aṮmāhā in Genesis Rabbah
Einav Fleck
Pages 457-480

The Hebrew Translations of Euclid's Elements By Moses IBN Tibbon and by Jacob Ben Makhir–A Study of Differences in Book I
Ofer Elior
Pages 481-506

Elegy and Nasīb in the Ancient Arabic QAṢīda: The Unique Structure of an Elegy by Ibn Muqbil
Ali Ahmad Hussein
Pages 507-533

‘The Lord’: An Apology for the Muslim Faith from the Island of Soqotra1
Issa Gum'an Ad-Da'rhi; Leonid Kogan; Dmitry Cherkashin
Pages 535-563

The Wandering Palestinian as Reflected in the Novel Imra’at Al-Risāla by The Palestinian Writer Rajā’ Bakriyya
Dorit Gottesfeld
Pages 565-581

The Evolution of the Rajaz Meter in Modern Arabic Poetry, Al-Rajaz Poem as Narrative Poetry, as Reflected in the Works of Ṣalāḥ ‘ABD AL-Ṣabūr
Shibi Maysoon Fuad
Pages 583-603

A Note on ‘Arabic’
Kahl Oliver
Pages 605-607


Andrew Knapp, Royal Apologetic in the Ancient Near East
Jonathan Robker
Pages 609-611

Brian R. Doak, Phoenician Aniconism in Its Mediterranean and Ancient Near Eastern Contexts
Anthony J Frendo
Pages 611-613

J. Cornelis de Vos and Hermut Löhr (eds) with the assistance of Juliane Ta Van, “You Shall Not Kill”: The Prohibition of Killing in Ancient Religions and Cultures
Anthony J Frendo
Pages 614-616

Lester L. Grabbe, Ancient Israel: What Do We Know and How Do We Know It?
Adrian H W Curtis
Pages 616-618

Barbara Green, David’s Capacity for Compassion: A Literary-Hermeneutical Study of 1–2 Samuel
Benjamin J M Johnson
Pages 618-620

Ming Him Ko, The Levite Singers in Chronicles and Their Stabilising Role
Mika Pajunen
Pages 620-623

Katell Berthelot, In Search of the Promised Land? The Hasmonean Dynasty Between Biblical Models and Hellenistic Diplomacy
Doron Mendels
Pages 623-626

Jessica M. Keady, Vulnerability and Valour: A Gendered Analysis of Everyday Life in the Dead Sea Scrolls Communities
Jutta Jokiranta
Pages 626-628

N.A. Pedersen, R. Falkenberg, J.M. Larsen and C. Leurini, The Old Testament in Manichaean Tradition: The Sources in Syriac, Greek, Coptic, Middle Persian, Parthian, Sogdian, New Persian, and Arabic
Matthew Goff
Pages 628-630

Ortal-Paz Saar, Jewish Love Magic. From Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages
Alessia Bellusci
Pages 630-633

Harald Motzki, Reconstruction of a Source of Ibn sḥāq's Life of the Prophet and Early Qurāān Exegesis: A Study of Early Ibn Abbās Traditions
Pavel Pavlovitch
Pages 634-636

Laïla Nehmé and Ahmad al-Jallad (eds), To the Madbar and Back Again: Studies in the Languages, Archaeology, and Cultures of Arabia Dedicated to Michael C.A. Macdonald
Wagner Esther-miriam
Pages 637-639


Short Notes

Donna Laird, Negotiating Power in Ezra-Nehemiah
Charlotte Hempel
Page 641

Lizbeth S. Fried, Ezra: A Commentary
Yigal Levin
Pages 642-643


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Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics

Subject Language(s): Akkadian (akk)
                            Arabic, South Levantine (ajp)
                            Arabic, Standard (arb)
                            Aramaic, Official (arc)
                            Hebrew (heb)
                            Hebrew, Ancient (hbo)
                            Luwian, Cuneiform (xlu)
                            Luwian, Hieroglyphic (hlu)
                            Neo-Aramaic, Assyrian (aii)
                            Phoenician (phn)
                            Senaya (syn)
                            Soqotri (sqt)
                            Syriac, Classical (syc)

Language Family(ies): Aramaic

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