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Fri Feb 01 2019

Media: The Caddo Language

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Date: 29-Jan-2019
From: Joshua Snider <>
Subject: The Caddo Language
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Title: The Caddo Language; A grammar, texts and dictionary based on materials collected by the author in Oklahoma between 1960 and 1970

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Author: Wallace Chafe

Paperback: ISBN: 9780990334415 Pages: 334 Price: U.S. $ 22.00

The Caddos once inhabited a vast area that is now included in eastern Texas and parts of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Their descendants have lived in southwestern Oklahoma since the middle of the 19th century. Their language is distantly related to Pawnee, Arikara, Witchita, and Kitsai within the Caddoan language family. Its polysynthetic verb morphology was described in an earlier work by Lynette Melnar. Chafe’s work expands on that description, adding nouns and adjectives, a collection of representative texts, and an English-Caddo dictionary.

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Subject Language(s): Caddo (cad)
Language Family(ies): Caddoan

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