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Fri Feb 22 2019

All: Obituary: Eric Hamp (1920-2019)

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Date: 18-Feb-2019
From: Wayles Browne <>
Subject: Obituary: Eric Hamp (1920-2019)
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The family of the historical linguist Eric Hamp has reported Eric’s death on Sunday, February 17. Eric Hamp was an Indo-Europeanist. He made contributions to the study of Slavic and Celtic as well as of many smaller IE branches such as Albanian, many of these based on his own dialect field work. He added to our knowledge of the Balkan Sprachbund. Further, he was a scholar of American Indian languages and an editor of the International Journal of American Linguistics.
His Wikipedia article states that he was born in London on November 16, 1920, so that he lived to the age of 98. The same article cites his long service at the University of Chicago, a tiny selection of his 3500-plus publications, the six Festschrifts that were dedicated to him, and the unique honor of receiving a commemorative stamp (from the Albanian post office) while still living: see
May he be long and warmly remembered among colleagues and friends.
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