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Mon Apr 06 2020

Books: Adventures in English Syntax: Freidin

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Date: 03-Apr-2020
From: Rachel Tonkin <>
Subject: Adventures in English Syntax: Freidin
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Title: Adventures in English Syntax
Published: 2020
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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Author: Robert Freidin
Hardback: ISBN: 9781108487726 Pages: 214 Price: U.S. $ 99.99
Paperback: ISBN: 9781108737807 Pages: 218 Price: U.S. $ 32.99

For anyone who wants to become a more effective writer, a more perceptive reader, and a more precise thinker, an understanding of English sentence structure is indispensable. This book shows you how to begin. Using clear and engaging examples from English, it introduces the basic concepts of syntactic structure to readers with no background in linguistics. Starting with simple, familiar phrases, and progressing to more complex sentences, it builds on what we already intuitively know, to provide a step-by-step account of why we understand these examples as we do. It then shows how that understanding can be applied to writing, helping us to avoid some of the common hallmarks of 'bad writing', such as ambiguity, redundancy, and vagueness. A unique and valuable resource, this book will enrich your understanding of English in ways that will make you a more effective user of the language

1. One fish two fish: an adventure in ambiguity
2. Exceptional students and teachers
3. Introduction to language and linguistics
4. A review of a book by two philosophers
5. Bob is certain to succeed
6. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of good fortune must be in want of a wife
7. Does every politician who cheats instinctively lie?
8. Inferior defenses could then, as now, be tackled, as Vernon did at Porto Bello, Exmouth at Algiers, and Seymour at Alexandria
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Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics

Subject Language(s): English (eng)

Written In: English (eng)

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