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Tue May 19 2020

Software: Digitisation of Indic languages

Editor for this issue: Everett Green <>

Date: 08-Mar-2020
From: Richmond Mathewson <>
Subject: Digitisation of Indic languages
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Owing to the nature of Indian Abugida writing systems and the tendency for their component consonantals to form
conjunct consonants, computers and the Unicode consortium have been slow in catching up, and, mainly resort to the use of halantam characters to represent conjunct consonants; which, while being functional rather miss the point of Indic writing systems.

However, my Devawriter Pro (available, cross-platform, for Linux, Windows and Macintosh) leverages a font that stores
a complete lexicon of conjunct consonants both for the Devanagari and the Grantha scripts to prepare and export
fully conjunct consonant texts in Sanskrit and other Indic languages.

It is available FREE.

After some 10 years development I am pleased to release version 3.2.0:

Linguistic Field(s): Writing Systems
Language Family(ies): Indo-European

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