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Tue May 26 2020

Confs: Sign Language; Gen Ling/Online

Editor for this issue: Lauren Perkins <>

Date: 25-May-2020
From: caterina donati <>
Subject: FEAST Formal and Experimental Advances in Sign language Theory
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FEAST Formal and Experimental Advances in Sign language Theory
Short Title: FEAST

Date: 23-Jun-2020 - 25-Jun-2020
Location: Paris, France
Contact: Carlo Geraci
Contact Email: < click here to access email >
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics

Language Family(ies): Sign Language

Meeting Description:

FEAST is a regular forum to discuss formal approaches to sign language grammar (in particular in the generative tradition), experimental approaches to sign languages, and their interaction.

***Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, FEAST 2020 will not be held in Honk-Kong nor in Paris. FEAST 2020 will be organized by a team of linguistic departments based in Paris and held ONLINE on June 23-25 (*new dates*)***

The program is ready, and briefly given below. Please visit the webpage for important details about how to attend, how to register (no fees) and any other information.

Program Information:

Tuesday, June 23 (Paris time):
2 pm: Age of acquisition matters. Effects of age of first sign language exposure in role-shift processing in three different sign languages (LIS, LSC and LSF) - Beatrice Giustolisi, Valentina Aristodemo, Giorgia Zorzi, Rita Sala, Doriane Gras, Jordina Sánchez Amat and Carlo Cecchetto

2:30 pm: Question/Answer live discussion (Zoom)

3 pm: Person marking in Catalan Sign Language (LSC) personal pronouns - Raquel Veiga Busto

3:30 pm: Question/Answer live discussion

4 pm: 1st Poster session lightning talks:
- Typology of sign language compound from phonological perspective- Mirko Santoro
- A comparison on nominal structure in Hong Kong Sign Language and Cantonese- Jieqiong Li & Gladys Tang
- Filling the gap: A novel test to elicit nominal plurals in Sign Language of the Netherlands- Cindy van Boven
- Responding to assertions in German Sign Language (DGS)- Cornelia Loos, Sophie Repp and Markus Steinbach

5 pm: The emergence of natural language quantification- Annemarie Kocab, Kathryn Davidson and Jesse Snedeker

5:30 pm: Question/Answer live discussion

6 pm: Social event

Wednesday, June 24 (Paris time):
2 pm: Argument marking in sign language: the role of hand selection- Chiara Branchini

2:30 pm: Question/Answer live discussion

3 pm: Phonemic Handshape Inventory in Russian Sign Language- Anna Klezovich and Anastasiia Chizhikova,

3:30 pm: Question/Answer live discussion

4 pm: 2nd Poster session lightning talks:
- Parsing an ASL Corpus with Categorial Grammar- Michael A. Nix and Deryle W. Lonsdale
- Differentiating ASL MORE- and BEAT-constructions- Ashley Kentner, Sandra Wood and Ronnie Wilbur
- Semantics and lexical properties of adjective signs affect their word order position in American Sign Language- Paula Rubio-Fernández, Anne Wienholz, Simon Kirby and Amy Lieberman
- Wh-Questions in Indian Sign Language: Exploring New Challenges- Neha Kulshreshtha

5 pm: Repetition reduction across multiple repetitions in ASL Fingerspelling- Aurora Martinez del Rio and Diane Brentari

5:30 pm: Question/Answer live discussion

6 pm: Let's watch together ! 'We were there ... we are here', The Sign-Hub documentary.

Thurday, June 25 (Paris time):
2 pm: The Causative-Inchoative Alternation in Turkish Sign Language and the Age of Acquisition Effects on Complex Clauses- Demet Kayabaşı and Kadir Gökgöz

2:30 pm: Question/Answer live discussion

3 pm: The effect of age of acquisition in relative clauses across sign languages- Charlotte Hauser, Giorgia Zorzi, Beatrice Giustolisi, Doriane Gras, Jordina Sánchez, Rita Sala and Carlo Cecchetto

3:30 pm: Question/Answer live discussion

4 pm: 3rd Poster session lightning talks:
- Tracking effects of age of acquisition and phonology in American Sign Language processing- Anne Wienholz and Amy Lieberman
- Assessing syntactic competence in sign languages: the case of wh-questions- Valentina Aristodemo and Charlotte Hauser
- To what extent does age of acquisition matter: Evidence from Turkish Sign Language (TİD)- Hande Sevgi and Kadir Gökgöz
- Assessing lexical competence in European sign languages- Caterina Donati, Chiara Annucci and Valérie Jendhoubi

5 pm: Structural Phylogenetics and the Reconstruction of Sign Language History- Natasha Abner, Carlo Geraci, Shi Yu, Jessica Lettieri & Anah Salgat

5:30 pm: Question/Answer live discussion

6 pm: Predictive Typology of Sign Language Instrumental- Emre Hakguder and Diane Brentari

6:30 pm: Question/Answer live discussion

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