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Wed May 27 2020

Books: Maltese Linguistics on the Danube: Čéplö, Drobný (eds.)

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Date: 27-May-2020
From: Asja Kusnezowa <>
Subject: Maltese Linguistics on the Danube: Čéplö, Drobný (eds.)
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Title: Maltese Linguistics on the Danube
Series Title: Studia Typologica, 24
Published: 2020
Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton

Book URL:

Editor: Slavomír Čéplö
Editor: Jaroslav Drobný
Hardback: ISBN: 9783110672176 Pages: 322 Price: U.S. $ 114.99

This volume brings together a dozen papers on various aspects of Maltese, relevant also for the study of related languages and general descriptive and typological linguistics.

The diachronic section begins with an analysis of the place of Maltese in its North African context (Souag). Avram and van Putten then provide analyses of the development of Maltese phonological inventory, the former discussing obstruent devoicing, the latter tracing the evolution of Maltese short vowels. Sumikazu examines a type of circumstantial clause in Maltese and the section concludes with a description of a digital etymological lexicon of Maltese (Gatt).

Turning to syntax, Borg and Amaira analyze agreement mismatch in a number of syntactic constructions, Fabri discusses argument extension and Čéplö and Lucas examine the role of the focus particle lanqas in Maltese negation. Stolz and Levkovych provide a thorough analysis of the syntax and semantics of Maltese prepositions, while Schmidt, Vorholt and Witt offer a quantitative study of their distribution and use.

Closing out the volume, Alexander examines in detail the phonetics of Maltese affricated stops, while Ellul and Galea analyze the epenthetic vowel alternation in the Maltese definite article.

Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories

Subject Language(s): Maltese (mlt)

Written In: English (eng)

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