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Mon Jun 08 2020

Software: OT Solver: An Automated Optimality Theory Solver

Editor for this issue: Everett Green <>

Date: 08-Jun-2020
From: Eugenio Vigo <>
Subject: OT Solver: An Automated Optimality Theory Solver
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Dear all,

I have written a small tool that I think can be of interest to the Linguistics community: OT Solver. The project can be found at:

OT Solver automatically calculates the optimal candidate in an Optimality Theoretic grammar framework (Prince & Smolensky, 1994). The user provides an OT tableau specifying the violations of each candidate for each constraint and OT Solver outputs which candidate Eval predicts as grammatical.

This is a tool meant for two distinct use cases in the Theoretical Linguistics community:

1. For easing the calculus of the optimal candidate in big tableaux that might be confusing to calculate by hand.

2. For students learning the OT Eval algorithm, as they can compare the results of their manual calculations with the result shown by this tool.

The program is written in POSIX compliant C99, licensed under the Apache Public License 2.0. It has only been tested under Linux, but POSIX compliance should guarantee it works under OS X and the BSDs.

Eugenio M. Vigo

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics
                            General Linguistics
                            Linguistic Theories

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