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Tue Jan 14 2020

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Date: 10-Jan-2020
From: Lena Zipp <>
Subject: Symposium on Research Methods in Language Attitudes
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Symposium on Research Methods in Language Attitudes

Date: 02-Jul-2020 - 03-Jul-2020
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Contact: Lena Zipp
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Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics; Sociolinguistics

This meeting has been postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19, date TBD.

Meeting Description:

In the current context of rapidly increasing globalisation and migration, where contact with different linguistic groups is becoming the norm for more and more individuals and communities, language attitudes research is gaining great importance – because language attitudes not only mirror but also affect intergroup relations in contact situations. Due to their pervasiveness, language attitudes are an integral part of the social psychology of language, the sociology of language, sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, and communication studies. Given the prevalence of language attitudes and the highly interdisciplinary nature of their studies, this symposium will foster exchanges about methodological protocols and innovations as well as best practices in language attitudes research.

The symposium will consist of several panels of talks and discussions by invited experts from around the world as well as an open-call poster session for postgraduate and early career researchers working on language attitudes. For postgraduate and early career researchers, the symposium is an excellent opportunity to present methodological aspects of their own work and receive expert feedback.

The invited talks and discussions deal with the three main types of methods by means of which language attitudes can be investigated – the analysis of the societal treatment of languages, direct methods, and indirect methods of attitude elicitation – as well as key overarching issues in language attitudes research. The methods talks and discussions will cover both well-established as well as cutting-edge approaches (including various types of ethnographic and observational studies, questionnaires, interviews, variable analysis, and different experimental methods). The talks and discussions regarding overarching issues will deal with aspects of attitudes research that go beyond individual methods (namely researching language attitudes in multilingual communities, in signing communities, and based on historical data, as well as the use of priming and mixed-methods approaches in language attitudes research).

Case studies based on the experts’ own research will be presented to illustrate key methodological issues. These case studies deal with a wide range of languages and varieties: Danish, German, Dutch, Yiddish, Breton, Welsh, Cypriot Greek, Cypriot Turkish, Kurdish, Spanish, Catalan, Galician, European and Quebec French, English in the UK, the US, Canada, New Zealand and the South Pacific, as well as International, American, Indonesian and Flemish Sign Language.

Fields: social psychology of language, sociology of language, sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, and communication studies

Deadline for poster abstracts: 28 February 2020
Notification of acceptance: 31 March 2020

Contact: Lena Zipp (Zurich University) and Ruth Kircher (Mercator European Research Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning) at

Please go to to download the preliminary programme.

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