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Wed Jun 17 2020

Confs: Comp Ling, Gen Ling, Semantics, Syntax/Online

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Date: 17-Jun-2020
From: Agnieszka Patejuk <>
Subject: 25th International Lexical-Functional Grammar Conference
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25th International Lexical-Functional Grammar Conference
Short Title: LFG20 Online

Date: 23-Jun-2020 - 26-Jun-2020
Location: Online, Norway
Contact: Koenraad de Smedt
Contact Email: < click here to access email >
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics; Semantics; Syntax

Meeting Description:

The 25th International Lexical-Functional Grammar Conference (LFG20) will be held online on the 23 - 26 June 2020.

LFG20 welcomes work within the formal architecture of Lexical-Functional Grammar as well as typological, formal, and computational work within the 'spirit of LFG' as a lexicalist approach to language employing a parallel, constraint-based framework. The conference aims to promote interaction and collaboration among researchers interested in non-derivational approaches to grammar, where grammar is seen as the interaction of (perhaps violable) constraints from multiple levels of structuring, including those of syntactic categories, grammatical relations, semantics and discourse.

Program Information:

If you wish to attend the conference, please register at

Registration is free; due to security precautions, registration is necessary to access the video presentations and the real-time online discussions.

If you have registered but are not sure what your password is: please see the
mail entitled ''LFG20 conference registration and access to website'', which was sent to you on registration; the password was provided in the 4th paragraph.

The format of LFG20 will be as follows: oral presentations are pre-recorded and viewable online prior to, as well as during, the conference itself. These can be accessed via the conference website following registration; handouts for oral presentations, poster presentations, and five-minute booster presentations for posters can also be accessed in advance of and during the conference via the conference website.

The interactive portion of the conference will take place approximately between 1300 and 1700 UTC (times vary on different days). Due to the restricted hours, these sessions will not involve live presentation, but will consist of real-time Q&A and discussion sessions. Conference attendees should therefore watch the pre-recorded presentations prior to the discussion sessions, and can then engage in discussion of the presentations during the online conference sessions. There are also specific poster sessions where it will be possible to discuss the poster presentations with their authors, and social sessions, as well as the annual business meeting of the International Lexical-Functional Grammar Association.

The interactive parts of the conference will take place on two different platforms: oral presentation discussion sessions, and the business meeting, will take place via Zoom; poster discussions sessions and social sessions will take place on Discord. Please see the following link for further information (and we recommend you do this in advance of the moment when you want to join the conference): For Zoom sessions, please see: ; for Discord, please see

For further information about the conference, to register, to see the full programme, to view pre-recorded talks and other materials, and to join the online conference sessions, please visit the conference website:

We look forward to seeing you at LFG20 next week!

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