LINGUIST List 31.2000

Wed Jun 17 2020

Summer Schools: Online workshop for linguists: ''Learing to use the Terminal'' / Online

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 12-Jun-2020
From: Mario Barcala <>
Subject: Online workshop for linguists: ''Learing to use the Terminal'' / Online
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Host Institution:

Dates: 20-Jul-2020 - 24-Jul-2020
Location: Online, Online, Spain

Focus: Learning to use the Terminal for working with corpora
Minimum Education Level: No Minimum

What is the Terminal?

It is the usual black or white background application available in any operating system which allows the users to run commands. It is also called the command interpreter.

What it is useful for?

It is useful for many different things, among them making different kinds of transformations on files and, therefore, it allows us to make some interesting corpus calculations, which would otherwise be very difficult to make.

Workshop content

1. Preparation: installing the necessary tools and setup the working environment.
2. Basic concepts: file and folder structure, file types, character encodings (types, differences and compatibility problems).
3. Basic commands: show files available in a folder, change current folder, show file contents, copy and move files, column extraction and reordering, result sorting, etc.
4. Advanced commands and transformations: standard input/output/error, command chaining, finding file names, text finding and replacing, applying commands to several files at a time.
5. Regular expressions: advaced text search and replacement techniques
6. Corpus specific tasks: Working with data from spreadsheets, texts (orthographic words) and Part-Of-Speech tagged texts (grammatical elements).

Workshop language will be Spanish

Linguistic Field(s): Text/Corpus Linguistics

Tuition: 100 EURO
Tuition Explanation: All taxes included

Registration: 15-Jun-2020 to 10-Jul-2020
Contact Person: Mario Barcala

Registration Instructions:

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