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Tue Jun 23 2020

TOC: Journal of Child Language 47 / 3 (2020)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 30-Mar-2020
From: Rachel Tonkin <>
Subject: Journal of Child Language Vol. 47, No. 3 (2020)
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Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Journal Title: Journal of Child Language
Volume Number: 47
Issue Number: 3
Issue Date: 2020

Main Text:

Input–output relations in Hebrew verb acquisition at the morpho-lexical interface
Orit Ashkenazi, Steven Gillis, Dorit Ravid

Children's online use of word order and morphosyntactic markers in Tagalog thematic role assignment: an eye-tracking study
Rowena Garcia, Jens Roeser, Barbara Höhle

Getting away from the point: the emergence of ostensive gestures and their functions
Ana Moreno-Núñez, Cintia Rodríguez, Edgardo Miranda-Zapata

Korean-speaking children's perceptual development in multidimensional acoustic space
Gayeon Son

Relationship between working memory and complex syntax in children with Developmental Language Disorder
Hélène Delage, Ulrich Frauenfelder

Story choice matters for caregiver extra-textual talk during shared reading with preschoolers
Amber Muhinyi, Anne Hesketh, Andrew Stewart, Caroline Rowland

Can inferencing be trained in preschoolers using shared book-reading? A randomised controlled trial of parents’ inference-eliciting questions on oral inferencing ability
Catherine Davies, Michelle McGillion, Caroline Rowland, Danielle Matthews

Phonological memory problems are magnified in children from language minority homes when predicting reading disability
Lindsay Hardy, Sarah Banker, Meghan Tomb, Yoochai Cha, Irene Zhang, Lauren Thomas, Molly Algermissen, Stephen Peverly, Kimberly Noble, Amy Margolis

Comprehension of the copula: preschoolers (and sometimes adults) ignore subject–verb agreement during sentence processing
Benjamin Davies, Nan Rattanasone, Katherine Demuth

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