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Wed Jul 29 2020

TOC: International Journal of Chinese Linguistics 7 / 1 (2020)

Editor for this issue: Sarah Robinson <>

Date: 22-Jul-2020
From: Karin Plijnaar <>
Subject: International Journal of Chinese Linguistics Vol. 7, No. 1 (2020)
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Publisher: John Benjamins

Journal Title: International Journal of Chinese Linguistics
Volume Number: 7
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2020

Main Text:

2020. iii, 165 pp.

Table of Contents


Possibility and necessity and the scope of negation in Early Middle Chinese
Barbara Meisterernst
pp. 1–44

An analysis of focus and its role in the answering systems of polar questions in Chinese and English
Mei-Ling Teresa Liou and Chen-Sheng Luther Liu
pp. 45–70

On the scope of quantifier phrases in Chinese passive construction
Xiaolong Yang and Yicheng Wu
pp. 71–89

Syntax of causative-passive correlation from a cross-linguistic perspective
Xiaoshi Hu
pp. 90–112

Northwest Mandarin, Standard Chinese, and Tibetan elements in Wutun lexicon
Giulia Cabras
pp. 113–139

试论普通话声调的本调 [On the essential tones in Standard Chinese]:——兼谈五度值记调法的性质 [On the essential tones in Standard Chinese: Concurrent discussion on the nature of five-degree method]
石锋 [Feng Shi]
pp. 140–157

Book Review:

K. M. Ryan. 2019. Prosodic weight: Categories and continua
Reviewed by Jia Guo, Sihan Cui, and Siyi Jia
pp. 158–165

Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
                            Linguistic Theories

Subject Language(s): Chinese, Late Middle (ltc)
                            Chinese, Mandarin (cmn)
                            Chinese, Old (och)
                            Wutung (wut)
                            Wutunhua (wuh)

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