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Tue Aug 04 2020

FYI: Papers in Historical Phonology: vol. 4; vol. 5 begun

Editor for this issue: Everett Green <>

Date: 03-Aug-2020
From: Pavel Iosad <>
Subject: Papers in Historical Phonology: vol. 4; vol. 5 begun
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Papers in Historical Phonology (PiHPh) publishes one volume per year (with articles added as soon as they are cleared for publication).
All articles are available on a fully open access basis.


Volume 5 (2020) has begun publication - it is available here:

Recently published in volume 5:

* The lowering of high vowels before [r] in Latin
- András Cser

* Vowel harmony decay in Old Norwegian
- Jade J. Sandstedt

* On ‘affective’ exceptions to sound change: an example from the Mojeño (Arawakan) kinship terminology system
- Fernando O. de Carvalho

* Syllable structure and prosodic words in Early Old French
- Thomas M. Rainsford

* Perceptual learning, talker specificity, and sound change
- Meredith Tamminga, Robert Wilder, Wei Lai, Lacey Wade

Further papers are due to appear in this volume soon.


Volume 4 (2019) closed at the end of last year - it is available here:

Volume 4 has the following contents:

* One rule, two frequency effects
- Marjoleine Sloos

* Testing the predictive strength of the comparative method: an ongoing experiment on unattested words in Western Kho‐Bwa languages
- Timotheus A. Bodt, Johann‐Mattis List

* A different path to [f]: labiodentalization in Faifi Arabic
- Stuart Davis, Abdullah Alfaifi

* Hidden prosody in philology: yìyŭ 'transcriptions' in the 15th century
- Chihkai Lin

* Phonotactics, prophylaxis, acquisitionism and change: *Rime-xxŋ and ash-tensing in the history of English
- Patrick Honeybone


Submissions for PiHPh are always welcome:

Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics; Historical Linguistics; Phonology

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