Looking for the LINGUIST List?
We would like to raise awareness for a very important cause.

Since December 1990, the LINGUIST List has been online to serve our users, the global linguistics community. It is our mission to provide the highest quality service, sharing only relevant and accurate information. We do this all for free, and we will never charge our users.

Operating the LINGUIST List is not cheap. Our operating cost is over $25,000 per month. So far, we have only raised just over $9,000 in our annual Fund Drive -- not even enough to ensure two weeks of LINGUIST List.

More than 50,000 people use our website regularly, close to 60,000 people follow us on Facebook, more than 30,000 on Twitter, and more linguists are subscribed to LINGUIST List via our mailing lists.

Fewer than 0.1% of our users have donated to LINGUIST List so far.

To that specially faithful 0.1% donors, we are truly grateful. Today, we are hoping that like them, you will understand how important it is to stand together now — so that we can get back to normal next year.

We are passionate to keep serving the Linguistics community around the world. But without your support, this "Day Without the LINGUIST List" could become permanent.

Please donate today! You will not only be supporting the LINGUIST List, but the future of the field of linguistics.

LINGUIST List Fund Drive 2020:
or directly at

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