LINGUIST List 31.2851

Mon Sep 21 2020

Calls: Discourse Analysis/Switzerland

Editor for this issue: Lauren Perkins <>

Date: 18-Sep-2020
From: Kieran File <>
Subject: The pragmatics of inclusion and exclusion in (team) sports
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Full Title: The pragmatics of inclusion and exclusion in (team) sports

Date: 27-Jun-2021 - 02-Jul-2021
Location: Winterthur, Switzerland
Contact Person: Kieran File
Meeting Email: < click here to access email >

Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis

Call Deadline: 25-Oct-2020

Meeting Description:

This panel aims to explore the pragmatics of inclusion and exclusion in (team) sports. Sport and sports teams present an important social context for the study of inclusivity and exclusion, as sociolinguists and pragmatics scholars are beginning to discover (Chovanec, 2009; Chovanec, 2016; File, 2018; File & Schnurr, 2019; Wolfers et al., 2017). On the one hand, sport is a context where team spirit and values of collaboration and togetherness are celebrated, but on the other hand, competitiveness and competition are also integral aspects of (team) sports. Issues of inclusion and exclusion in the sports domain are also reflected in recent media headlines which often portray high-performance sports as a context where racism and sexism thrive, where heteronormativity and hegemonic masculinity reign, and where sharply stratified social structures give rise to bullying practices by those in power (BBC Sport, 2016; Grierson, 2016; Hope, 2019; Roan, 2017; Roan & Nathanson, 2017).

In this panel, we bring together scholars who are unpacking the pragmatic processes of inclusion and exclusion in sports teams. Focusing on a variety of different team sports, the contributions to the panel provide accounts of how different forms of inclusion or exclusion are being constructed, negotiated, and sometimes even rejected by different interlocutors. Working with authentic data collected in a range of different socio-cultural contexts, including the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, the Czech Republic and the USA, contributors identify and describe the pragmatics of inclusion on the micro-level of an interaction while at the same time linking these observations to (often problematic) issues of inclusion and exclusion in team sports. They thereby address the following questions:

- What communicative practices in sports team contexts threaten or help to accomplish team cohesion?
- How do intercultural teams, mixed gender and other diverse team memberships manage this diversity in the promotion of inclusivity in team communication?
- Where and when is inclusivity particularly relevant in the everyday practices of sports teams and in what circumstances does exclusivity appear?
- How are issues of exclusion in sports teams reported in the media?
- How are issues of exclusion negotiated among the members of a team?
- What are the benefits of a pragmatic approach to understanding inclusion?
- How can we translate our pragmatic findings for sports practitioners?

In spite of their focus on different sports teams in different socio-cultural contexts, the contributions to this panel showcase some of the benefits of approaching issues of inclusion and exclusion from a pragmatic angle, and demonstrate how the tools of pragmatics can help making the processes of inclusion and exclusion more visible, thereby increasing our understanding of these complex and multifaceted concepts.

Call for Papers:

Due to a limited number of presentation slots and to facilitate the overall planning of this panel, please email abstracts to Kieran File ( by 18 October for pre-approval. Abstracts will also need to be submitted via the main conference website ( by 25 October.

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