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Thu Jan 23 2020

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Date: 22-Jan-2020
From: Valentina Bianchi <>
Subject: Incontro di Grammatica Generativa 46
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Incontro di Grammatica Generativa 46
Short Title: IGG46

Date: 27-Feb-2020 - 29-Feb-2020
Location: Siena, Italy
Contact: Valentina Bianchi
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Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics; Linguistic Theories

Meeting Description:

The Incontro di Grammatica Generativa is the annual Italian conference on generative linguistics, now at its 46th edition. IGG46 will be hosted by the Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences of the University of Siena.
For the main conference, we invite abstracts for 30-minutes talks or posters on any topic related to generative grammar, from a theoretical and/or experimental perspective. The official languages are English and Italian.
In addition to the main conference, there will be a satellite workshop on ''Multilingualism: Social and Cognitive Dimensions'', with two invited talks and a poster session. The official language of the workshop is English.

Invited speakers (main conference):

Carlo Cecchetto (Università Milano Bicocca/CNRS)
Adam Ledgeway (University of Cambridge)

Invited speakers (workshop):

Judit Gervain (Université Paris Descartes/CNRS)
Antonella Sorace (University of Edimburgh)

IGG46 Satellite workshop: Multilingualism: Social and Cognitive Dimensions

Department of Social, Political, and Cognitive Sciences – University of Siena
Room A+B, via Roma 56, Siena, Italy

Thursday 27–2–2020

9:15 Welcome address
9:30 Invited speaker: Antonella Sorace (Edinburgh)

10:30 coffee break

10:45 poster session
12:00 Invited speaker: Maria Teresa Guasti (Milano Bicocca)

– LUIGI ANDRIANI, ROBERTA D’ALESSANDRO, ALBERTO FRASSON, BRECHJE VAN OSCH, LUANA SORGINI & SILVIA TERENGHI: Structural vs typological similarity in microcontact: a view from heritage Italo-Romance
– NICOLETTA BIONDO & SIMONA MANCINI: Native and non-native processing of different agreement relations: an ERP investigation of processing and grammaticalization patterns
– JASMIJN BOSCH & FRANCESCA FOPPOLO: Incremental processing of grammatical gender in bilingual children
– SILVIA CALAMAI, FABIO ARDOLINO & ROSALBA NODARI: Implicit attitudes towards Chinese-accented Italian at schools and universities
– DILETTA COMUNELLO: Italian particle verbs in L1, and L2 and bilingual speakers
– CARLA CONTEMORI & ELISA DI DOMENICO: Null and overt subject pronouns in Italian and Spanish: a comparative study
– ELISA DE CRISTOFARO & LINDA BADAN: Fill the gap: Constituent-internal discourse markers in Italian L2
– ELISA DI DOMENICO, IOLI BARONCINI & ANDREA CAPOTORTI: Null and overt subject pronouns in topic continuity and topic shift: An investigation of the narrative productions of Italian Natives, Greek Natives and L2ers of Italian with L1 Greek
– CATERINA DONATI, CARLO GERACI & ANGÉLIQUE JABER: Crosslinguistic influence: What happens across modality?
– ELISA PICCOLI & FRANCESCA VOLPATO: Syntactic difficulties in bilingual high-school students with Italian L2. Two case studies of syntactic training
– SILVIA SILLERESI, ELENA PAGLIARINI & MARIA TERESA GUASTI: When the interpretation of disjuncted negative sentences varies between two languages: a study on Italian-English bilingual children


46° Incontro di Grammatica Generativa (IGG46)

Department of Social, Political, and Cognitive Sciences – University of Siena
Room A+B, via Roma 56, Siena, Italy

Thursday 27–2–2020

15:00 ANDREA MORO & IAN ROBERTS: Unstable structures and labelling algorithm
15:30 SEID TVICA: VOS-VSO alternations in Kaqchikel
16:00 LORENA CASTILLO, ANTONIO FÁBREGAS & RAFAEL MARÍN: Structural containment between functional verbs: transitivity and definiteness

16:30 coffee break + poster session I

17:30 JAN CASALICCHIO & ALBERTO FRASSON: Spatial anchoring in a heritage Trentino variety: evidence for a Logophoric Centre
18:00 MARIA RITA MANZINI & ANNA ROUSSOU: Sentential complementation: Nominalization and other strategies

18:30 Business meeting

Friday 28–2–2020

9:30 MARIA TERESA ESPINAL & SONIA CYRINO: A syntactically-driven approach to indefiniteness, (anti)specificity and partitivity in Romance
10:00 JACEK WITKLOS & PAULINA LESKA: Anti-cataphora effects, Agree and phases

10:30 coffee break

11:00 SILVIA TERENGHI: Person sub-features and the evolution of Romance ternary demonstrative systems
11:30 TOMMASO BALSEMIN: The Relationship Between Final Obstruent Devoicing and Vowel Lengthening in Northern Italo-Romance Varieties
12:00: ADAM LEDGEWAY (invited speaker): Tba

13:00 Lunch break

15:00 FABRIZIO AROSIO, PAOLA FRANCESCA AIMONE, MARIA TERESA GUASTI & MATHILDE CAILLOUX: The effect of structural priming on the development of morpho-syntactic abilities in Italian speaking children with SLI
15:30 ANNA CARDINALETTI & SARA CERUTTI: Clitic placement with restructuring verbs in the typical and atypical acquisition of Italian
16:00 BEATRICE GIUSTOLISI, CATERINA DONATI, RITA SALA, ALESSANDRA CHECCHETTO & CARLO CECCHETTO: Age of acquisition effects in the comprehension of syntactic structures in LIS

16:30 coffee break + poster session II

17:30 FRANCESCA PANZERI: Children’ sensitivity to some –but not all– Gricean Maxims
18:00 GIUSEPPE SAMO: External arguments: preference for 2-merge or 3-merge systems? A quantitative crosslinguistic analysis in child and adult grammar corpora

20:00 Social dinner

Saturday 29–2–2020

9:30 CARLO CECCHETTO (invited speaker): Tba

10:30 coffee break

11:00 NICOLETTA LOCCIONI: A superlative argument in favor of a semantic account of connectivity sentences
11:30 STANISLAO ZOMPÌ: On two novel Distinctness effects in the English DP
12:00 ELENA CALLEGARI: Focus markers in an optionally WH-in-situ language: the case of Burkinabé Bambara
12:30 RICARDO EXTEPARE & MIRIAM URIBE EXTEBARRIA: Two strategies for constituent negation

Poster session I (Thursday)

– PIETRO BAGGIO & ALEXANDER ALLAN CAIRNCROSS: Two Vlad the Impalers Walk into a Halloween Party: When complex proper names turn common
– ANDREAS BLUEMEL: Revisiting definiteness and adjectival modification: A fresh perspective
– PAMELA GORYCZKA: Le analisi morfologiche non finiscono mai - A DM account of the -isc- augment
– TERUE NAKATO & THOMAS ROEPER: Semantic identity and overt-morphology trigger syntactic recursion
– DANIELE PANIZZA & YASUTADA SUDO: Not you, too! A two-stage exhaustification account for Italian additives/miratives

– WALTRAUD PAUL: De-constructing small clauses: The case of Mandarin Chinese
– SVENJA SCHMID & GEORG A. KAISER: On preverbal subjects in ‘why’-interrogatives in Italian and Spanish
– GIORGIA ZORZI & DAVID BLUNIER: Indexicals under ellipsis and role-shift in Catalan Sign Language

Poster session II (Friday)

– ELENA CALLEGARI & RICCARDO PULICANI: The optionality of clitic resumption for scope in topicalized PPs
– MARA FRASCARELLI & MARCO CASENTINI: The acceptability and interpretation on null subjects in Italian L1 learners of Chinese L2. An interface (syntax-prosody) analysis of Topic chains in adverbial clauses.
– MARIA TERESA ESPINAL, URZI EXTEBARRIA & SUSAGNA TUBAU: Drawing the limits between negative polarity and negative concord
– ION GIURGEA: Temporal modifiers and the Romance imperfective
– Kryzzya Gomez: The (null) subjects of infinitival adjunct clauses in Colombian Spanish
– EUGENIA MANGIALAVORI: A proposal on change of possession verbs, DOC alternat-ions, and clitic se availability in Romance
– TOM MEADOWS: Suspended affixation and syntax-morphology interface
– KSENIIA STUDENIKINA: What d-linking can tell about syntax of Russian multiple wh-questions

Alternate talks

1. CRISMA, PAOLA, GUARDIANO, CRISTINA & GIUSEPPE LONGOBARDI: A unified theory of Case form and Case meaning
2. DANIELE PANIZZA & YASUTADA SUDO: Not you, too! A two-stage exhaustification account for Italian additives/miratives
3. ELENA CALLEGARI & RICCARDO PULICANI: The optionality of clitic resumption for Scope in topicalized PPs

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